Patch 10/06/21 - Musketeer bugfix, increased snatcher spawns

Hey everyone, just a quick note that we will be releasing a client patch and restarting the server around Noon CST with the following changes:

  • A potential fix to the “off timing” of musketeer orbs where they don’t reliably respawn. Please let us know how it is after the update as this could be a fix we could apply to some other class issues if it is 100% successful.

  • Upped the spawn rate of brezurple snatcher critter capture nodes throughout the zones.



Patch is live and server is restarted.

I just tested Musky on the dummy very extensively and aggressively for 1 hour straight and only had one orb delay for 1 noticable second. Which might as well be human error. Before the patch on the dummy it had a guaranteed few broken orbs every few minutes. So this is very promising so far :slight_smile:


We’re releasing a hotfix from today’s patch for some backend fixes. This will require a client side update so make sure to grab that. I will be restarting the server at 4:00pm CST to make sure everyone is on the correct version. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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how do you do this? ever since the update my game wont launch and ive tried everything

i have tried everything i can think of, i even uninstalled and reinstalled the game… when i load orbus i get an error that says to close the game and allow the stores launcher to update, i literally tried everything

If you’re playing through steam, make sure you’re signed into chat/showing online to friends

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