Patch 10.9951- August 13th 2019


Today around 1 PM CST we will be rolling out a small patch with some fixes including the OrbusVR Hardmode raid gear, map fixes and few others.

  • Updated OrbusVR Hardmode raid gear along with Regular raid gear (can be broken down and applied in transmog wardrobe)
  • Now if fishing pole or net gun is being held you will not be able to interact with opening the map to prevent accidental interactions
  • Increased Hardmode raid Skull mount drop chance on boss 5
  • Fixed a bug on mount speed Lvl 30+ perk
  • Fixed polymorph spell not appearing on wand for Quest users
  • Turned off warrior charged sword audio for other players
  • Fixed bug causing certain areas on gear to appear white in color

Client side patch is available for download for all platforms

Server side patch is deployed

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Can u turn off the bard music so others dont hear that…I was n a dungeon and this bard literally drove me insane to the point I bailed on a group…cause this bard was determined to hit every note that dropped all at once…it was annoying…I shouldnt have to hear their non tuned tunes. If there was an actual song or something with a tune wouldnt be so badi should have recorded it…it was that bad

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I believe if you turn off Bard VFX in your settings, it mutes their music. VFX is either under audio or graphics, if I remember right…


Oh that would be useful…thank you


can you please remove colliders of users bodies made healing a person difficult at a raid boss 5 i accidentally destroy my turet when i try to throw it down it hit a person and stuck mid air and i shot a shell and it destroyed the turet instead of shelding the player


everyones been asking for this, i would like to see it implemented because its kinda lame how shamans can go through people but not anything else. and shamans do alot of dps

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Shamans don’t have the ability to readjust if someone moves in front of them. It would be unplayable if you had collisions on orbs


Yes yes yes, this this this


i didnt think about that i guess. but still it would be very nice of the devs to make it so my stuff goes through other peoples