Patch 10.9982- 10/10/19

Were pushing out a server and client side patch today around 12 pm (Noon)

EDIT: Client and server patch is live.

  • Updated Mist Keeper visuals to make telling mist colors more apparent
  • Updated visual and audio cues on “Golden Egg” to make it more apparent when would do damage
  • Tweaked timing on “Golden Egg” hold and drop times
  • Reduced damage output on Marksman Scavs
  • Something forgot to mention in yesterdays patch notes-- Effervescent Shards now drop as loot from shards 13-15, increasing in chances up to 15.

Do 13-15 shards reward 4 potions as a daily reward? If not, that should be considered. Even 11-15 would be a good range.


Yes please! Good point krunk, I almost forgot that we talked about it yesterday

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Fantastic update, thank you for listening to our feedback as a community.

Just a heads up, you will likely be getting a bunch of messages regarding level 11+ shards in abandoned mine bosses. Watched a discord stream of a pally in all +4 gear get 2 shot and a warrior in all + 4 get 1 shot (2 shot shield) for the first boss – and the second boss 1(? maybe 2) shot the pally and warrior.

this was without weakened as well!

They were able to beat the first boss with really good stun timing, but the last boss was actually impossible. Not sure if this was a bug with the new shard or what…

Affixes: Unprepared, Hot Foot, Strong Willed, Golden egg, Virus, Reflective Strikes

I recorded the whole thing if you would like me to clip it to you and send it your way.

Don’t mean for this to be off topic here, these are really great changes. It was difficult to tell the colors of the mist, the golden egg will need to be tweaked, as it has bugs and in the state it was in last night was brutal as all hell (due to the bugginess) And I had heard that the marksman skavs were one shotting (although to be fair, it was not one shotting in the 11 shard i mentioned)

Please continue to listen to us on this <3


We actually pushed the Scav Marksman tuning out with yesterday evening server side patch also, just didn’t get mentioned in the thread so i mentioned it today, so it would of been active for that run.

thete is a small issue the major and minor shards icon is swap the major should be great and minor normal icon

Yup, it was last night we fought those scavs, so it seemed balanced. At the very least they weren’t one shotting.

Can’t remember if I mentioned this, but can the egg please be added to the grip lock feature?

Also, can the grinder device be excluded from the grip lock feature. Sick of it getting stuck on my hand.


Well fine, but we literally stood in the entrance of a sewer 11 for half an hour, wondering wtf to even do here … and also if the game is finally finished at this point.

I mean, we got some tipps from another player on how to deal with the egg, but they involved people changing classes. Now as for practice, it is at least an hour of playtime to level the downgraded shard up again, with bad luck likely more. Reflective Strikes alone makes these shards actually harder than the former ones; this is a fun mutation but it needs alot of timing and concentration to adapt to it and still do it in time.

But we could not even care for reflective strikes or other mutations like hot foot or basically, anything. People turn from dmg dealers with a well thought-out rotation into a bunch of hectic rugby-players who can pretty much forget everything about their class, I mean, really? This is only an 11, giving loot noone needs anymore (the group been maxed +4 with single +5 pieces). I wouldn’t say anything if it was the super-last-challenge or anything, but yea it’s the very first of 5 new levels.

This egg-minigame or what it is supposed to be favors classes who don’t need both hands, the rest is basically fcked… currently it seems like an invitation to search for bugs to make these shards playable and the first group succeeding in this will win (or the groups goin with “appropriate” classes for this), just my first impression on this…


I really hate this golden egg mutation. It adds a new challenge I guess but it isn’t fun at all. It feels like we are playing some stupid mini game instead of the actual combat game I like to play. It seems a lot like the proposed musketeer change that the community rejected.

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I really like the golden egg mutation. It makes the game a lot more teamwork related and involved.

There is still the occational bug of the location of the egg of a person holding it, and the actual unequal disability between classes which makes it a bit frustrating. But this egg is changing the shard game completely and I personally like it so far.

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The mutation golden egg is definately considered brutal btw. The most game changer affix. While reflictive strikes is a joke in comparison xD

I also enjoy the egg. Once we figured out how to deal with it. I prefer it over something like discontent.

my only (possible) issue with the golden egg is that shamans with reach may be able to grab the orb from further away. Haven’t done extensive testing due to the urge to do more shards atm

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I guess I just don’t get the fun factor myself. I just found it annoying to deal with. It was easy enough to negate it, but it’s still annoying.

I’d really like to see it as a mechanic on 1 boss. Having in on every single high level shard you do is not fun at all. Of coarse we can all learn to deal with it and develop strategies around it, but that doesn’t make it challenging in an enjoyable way. If I wanted to play hot potato or other mini games I would go play rec room, not an mmorpg.


Exactly, Golden Egg is an interesting mechanic for some events/bosses (or maybe appearing randomly in the shard for 1 or 2 minutes for example) BUT NOT for the whole shard.

Not everybody is able to do a higher shard in under 30 mins so focusing on the Golden Egg for 30min-1h or even more with no rest is clearly horrible and tiring as hell.


I guess we can’t have the same opinion out of it. I know some ppl who want it the other way around, the egg only on trash and not on bosses :man_shrugging:

I like the egg constantly plaguing the shard. Shards 11+ have no higher health mobs. This is the effect of that, bringing a lot more distraction into the game for a higher lvl shard instead of just upping the health. Adding it for 1 or 2 bosses seems a lot less of an effect on the shard. The difficulty will just be the typical 10 then. More like a 10.1.

But ya thats my opinion why it should remain so distracting and difficult. At-least for most the shard.

Unless we go back to upping health on trash and bosses. I am also fine with that too.

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Why don’t we add a crossword puzzle that we have to complete while doing the dungeon? That would really be distracting and difficult. Or how about not because it doesn’t make any sense. I could see it if a boss shoots out a bomb or something that we all have to pass around so it doesn’t blow up. There are lots of fun and challenging ways to make shards more difficult without adding mini games.


Give me some non minigame examples that is also not increasing health or damage of mobs? And still slows ppl down. I am curious.

As the argument has been for years on the forum a big game is just a combinations of minigames. This is just a minigame your not a fan of.

I am confused how this has not been complained about until it was released. There was this giant hint in the forum post that there is a minigame incoming where you have to throw a bomb of someone’s back as shard mutation.