Patch 10.9984 - 10/15/19

We are rolling out a patch today with a few bug fixes in it around 12 (Noon) CST on 10/15/19.

EDIT: Patch is live on all stores

  • Fixed pathing issues in the Abandoned Mine dungeon where you couldn’t cross the railway bridge
  • Updated the way the Trickster Goblin spawns
    • We removed over half the spawners that were possible for the Trickster Goblin to spawn in
    • This should remove it spawning from any NPC, Building, Public Event, Etc. so the only place the Goblin will spawn now is inside existing groups of mobs
  • Applied a fix to the Fellowship database to fix the cause of Fellowship Leaders removing players from Fellowship without it working
    • This should also fix the problems players had when leaving a fellowship only to log back in and appear to be in the one they left
  • Fixed a problem with some shards dropping wrong weapons from 6-10

– As a note we are still working on the desyncs and have been making progress and currently working towards a solution that we will be testing this week and hopefully putting out end of the week beginning of next depending on how everything goes.

– We are looking into the damage done by the new bosses in the Lvl 30 dungeons and how it is scaling up in mid to high level shards

– We are looking into the boss 1 leashing on the Temple dungeon and whats causing that and how we can fix it


Glad to have the update that you are working on this stuff and it hasn’t just been forgotten. Fingers crossed you can fix the desync bug/s that seem to be hard rooted at this point, then onto fixing crashes I hope (I still crash at least once per day in a roughly 2 hour play session).

Also at least 1 other person will crash each day so I don’t believe this is an issue that only I have


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easy-ish fix for boss 1 temple would be pools to stand in that grant invonrabilaty, but have them cause damage if in them for too long. also is there going to be a fix soon for boss one mines when it comes to the current bard issues.

We’re hoping to get a fix for this in another patch soon. We’ll post about it once it’s ready to go.


Thanks for letting us know what you’re working on, please keep doing that in the future so it doesn’t feel like things are being ignored.


Oo Thank you for the goblin spawn fix! I was not expecting that one so soon :partying_face: I hoped that those bug reports were helpful


What was updated in the latest patch?

Working on the patch notes, they’ll be live soon.


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