Patch 11/23 - Ranger, Paladin & Bard Desync Fixes

Hi everyone, in the patch around 1pm CST, we are implementing fixes for the following desyncs that happen sometimes:

  • Paladin pips showing an inaccurate count and not refreshing
  • Librams not showing correct cooldowns
  • Instrument crescendo activation not visually activating
  • Instrument crescendos not displaying as ready when they should be
  • Ranger Special arrows not reappearing



Patches are available and the server is now live.

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I noticed pally pips still desyncing. Mostly noticable when you just get your next 2 pips but it doesn’t visually trigger.

For bard this appears to be similar to the initial Shaman orb patch, where you can still tell when it glitches, but then it fixes itself a couple of seconds later. The crescendo will show as available briefly and then disappear, which is an improvement, but still distracting when in battle.

Was it happening as often? It may occasionally break but should still refresh after half a second, was it still getting stuck when gaining or losing pips?

This is correct, but it should refresh itself quickly, was it happening often or slowly for you?

Plea of protection cooldown is not properly updating. Most notably the fact it does not show when it’s on cooldown. EDIT: After more gameplay it has dramatically improved and seems to happen more on full server client desync.

Not too often, and yes it refreshed itself after a couple of seconds. Definitely an improvement, thank you.

Played a little since the update today, the ranger special arrows seemed to be working properly now :smile:

(If I notice anything odd ill let you know but fingers crossed its always working as intended)

Also I haven’t played bard yet but will test to see if thats fixed too when I get the chance :slight_smile:

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