Patch 11.56 - Bugfixes & Improvements

We will be pushing out a client and server side patch today around 11 AM CST. It includes the following fixes:

  • Added additional mob spawners to Mugwood and Thorndell Meadow :small_blue_diamond:

  • Updated ambiance sounds for Hollow’s Creek and Thorndell Meadow :small_blue_diamond:

  • Made soldier at bottom of the ramp you speak with to start patrol field escort quests show at all times

    • This should help us track down the problem better for players stuck on Patrol The Fields 2
  • Updated the gray bard note to orange to help visibility in dark places :small_blue_diamond:

  • Fixed spiderling dye icon and a few other corrupt icons

  • Fixed orb placement at end of musket barrel on new weapons for the DLC

  • Updated Razor Wasp hitbox

  • Added additional client logging to track down Unity exemption bugs

    • We are spending the upcoming weeks to remove exceptions and errors we are receiving through the new crash reporting we implemented a couple months back
  • Updated Treasure chest drops to ensure you always receive at least 1 item

  • We have also pushed out a potential fix yesterday for the escort quest “Patrol the Field II (Side Quest)” that some players have been able to complete while others have not. We are still looking for any more information players can give if they are stuck on that quest not completing.


Client patches should be available to download.

We’re temporarily reverting the fix to the market stall/auction house treasure maps & dragons, so for the time being don’t purchase those if they’re sold by a market stall as they could be delivered in a broken state.

why the bard note? it was easy to see after the previous update.

found the post, kind of disappointing that that’s the change made to bard seems kind of dumb.

I really like it, it’s much better now


I have to disagree after seeing the retexture

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LOVE the new bard note color. Perfect!


Weird, forum glitched and added my like to your post when I was clicking on Rickness and can’t seem to unlike it. So you liked it better when you couldn’t see them in the dark?

new bard note is awesome <3


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