Patch 12.52 - Harvest Festival Patch Notes

Hey everyone, around Noon Central will be the launch of the patch bringing back the Harvest Festival!

You can read about all the details here, and here are the patch notes:

  • 3 quests from the Festival Glodgoren outside the Highsteppe gates
  • 1 quest from the Festival Farmer near Cenn’s shop
  • 1 critter capture mission from Pierre Cenn
  • 1 achievement, unlocked for doing the quests and capturing 500 event critters. Note that this total carries over from last year, so if you unlocked it or were partway through last year you won’t need to start over.
  • Rewards include a new mount, pet, cape, teleporter. Returning rewards are the cosmetic head and gloves and the Fall Herald title
  • Added the 2019 cape for those who completed the achievement last year, you can buy it from the achievement vendor in the furniture store
  • Added a Green Screen furniture piece for use in making videos, by community request, can be bought at the furniture store :small_blue_diamond:
  • Fixed the issue with the Mimic Pet & Khopesh Harvester not being soulbound :small_blue_diamond:

We hope you enjoy, and we’ll see you in game!


How exactly will the green screen work?

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But selfie cam is not useful for green screen, because selfie cam does not show furniture. For non-quest users they can use a raven cam though.

For the time being this is intended to be used with the raven cam, someone sent us a request for one a while ago and it was fairly quick to add.

Is there a plan to allow furniture items to be Seen with selfie bot?

We’ll look at it when we have a chance, but I don’t know the work involved in making it work with it, so I can’t tell you when that would happen yet.

I can already see all the memes in front of me

Can people who finish the achievement this year still get the same cape?

This year’s achievement grants a new different cape.

Ahh thanks.

Client patches should be available for download.

Server is restarted but it looks like there is an issue with it, we may have to do another restart. Hang on…

Should be good now!

We’re investigating an issue with people not being able to pick up the new festival quest.

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A little more information, if you had completed or tried completing the Fall Festival quest last year you wont be able to pick up the quests currently from the Festival NPC outside of Highsteppe but you can pick up the escort quest from the Festival Farmer and the Critter Capture mission from Pierre Cenn.

We are working on a solution and will keep you posted.

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Okay, we’ve restart the zones and the festival NPC should work now, and you should be able to pick up the new festival quests. Sorry for the issue.

If you’re having any other issues with the quests, please let us know.

For some reason, my Rift S isn’t doing the automatic update. Can I download the patch? Thanks

If you restart oculus that will usually trigger the update

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