Patch 13.01 2/17/2021- QOL loot beam fixes, Raid Questline fix, Bug Fixes

We have patch 13.01 going out today around 12 PM CST (noon). We have some bug fixes on server and client, along with a QOL improvement to update the beam colors of loot, and chests to correspond properly with their rarity level. We also have some server and client side bug and crash fixes going out.

As a reminder the Winter Festival along with the 3 Yr anniversary will end on March 2nd, so be sure to finish those questlines before its too late!

Patch Notes

  • Fixed a server side error with PRV2
  • Fixed “Free Lord Markos” achievement that was displaying wrong in achievement list
  • Fixed a bug causing crashes with Bjorn ranged attacks
  • Fixed a bug throwing errors on casting
  • Fixed a bug with the Legacy Achievement list preventing it from working properly
  • Fixed an error while using the Tagger tool
    • This was causing your hand to turn invisible and throwing errors when stuck to hand
  • Updated the Server wide bomb notification
    • This should cause the notifications to be more reliable for the players
  • Fixed a bug causing errors on lure parts on other players
  • Updated the Raid Questline
    • You will now need to grab a mask like Sephotep wears inside his boss room to complete the quest
  • Updated completed text for contract kill questline that directed you to turn it into the wrong person
  • Updated loot bags and chests to show proper rarity in the particle effects :small_blue_diamond:
    • Loot Bags:

      • Common-None
      • Uncommon-Green
      • Rare-Blue
      • Epic-Purple
      • Legendary-Orange
    • Boss Chests:

      • Common-None
      • Uncommon-Green
      • Rare-Blue
      • Epic-Purple
      • Legendary-Orange

Known Bugs we’re Investigating:

  • The Vendor Dram Perk is still disabled, along withe the Auction House API
  • There is a Darkening Field of vision for the Dragon races (You can turn on/off via the graphical settings tab) that is not working for Quest users only PCVR users.
  • We are getting reports of invisible players, if you have been able to reproduce this reliably please reach out to us

:small_blue_diamond: indicates an improvement or feature requested by the community.


Id be happy to test the loot bag drop for legendarys. Just spawn in a cat ear loot bag for me.


ill notify if i find a replicable way for sure.

it does happen quite frequently. Usually is not global, meaning some players can see the invisible player while others cannot. and sometimes the player is not invisible is underground (so you can see their head if you look down sometimes).

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What kind of casting are you talking about? Anything we need to watch out for?

Patch should be out and server restarted!

It’s mainly an error on the server side, not sure if it would affect anything from a player’s PoV.

No nothing to watch out for, more just throwing errors on server side that was cluttering our logs.

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Hi was able to replicate the invisible issue, I get invisible almost 60% of the time when I change shard generally the 3rd change will result of me being invisible and people around to not understand if you implemented a speaking Holy Spirit in the game :slight_smile:

does it matter what shard your changing to or from? also are you always a specific class, specific items equipped, etc?

didn’t try with another than my scoundrel, but in general it happened to me on shard number 3 on 4, and back and forth, if I go to shard 4 I get visible and if I get back to 3 I get invisible

Which area, Highsteppe, player house, etc?

Also whats your IGN, you can DM me if you dont want to post it here

My IGN is XariusDraco, It happened to me in front of Mugwood, in front of the highsteppe portal during an event, also in front of the Mob close to the hidden garden portal and I think thats it.
It was last week, I think wednesday, it didn’t happened before and I think it happened twice since

The invisibility always seems to happen when changing shards either directly through the menu or by going through loading zones like doors

@Outlander_Robert , Yesterday it happened between 2 shards, but it was different than usual, I was invisible, my bag was empty, no mount nothing only my armor and were I was able to kill things before while invisible, this time I was not, I was even not able to log out, I had to kill the game and log back. IGN XariusDraco and time was around 1pm Pacific Time, playing on a Quest 2. Maybe it is not related to the invisibility, but to the Shard mecanism, but without beeing invisible, a month or so ago, I change shard and it killed me, I was then on Quest 1 (if you keep the logs, it was around february 1 → just before I received Quest 2)