Patch 13.05 May 4th 2021-- Healer/Tank Initial Balance Pass

“Added distance check for hammer teleporting to prevent slingshoting hammer large distances” THANK YOU SO MUCH <3 <3 <3

This change is not preventing pvp pallies from running away. It is just annying pve pallies and making pvp pallies loose a bit more pips, and do a bit more trouble. So you would still see them at goblin @Trumpchange

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Is there nothing more that can be done about Warrior defense against magical abilities I tested the damage and it is still very lacking. I am hearing frustration that warriors were left out of the endgame balancing. Although aggro retention is amazing and physical defense is off the charts there is almost zero survivability skills against magical attacks especially on boss fights. There is also near zero aggro retention on magical based Mobs. Warriors just grab the melee Adds and sit in corner waiting for the ranged mobs to die with little else to do but shield bash occasionally and use the horn for a small shield and a temporary reprieve.


Yeah, unless they completely remove the pally teleport in PvP it’s still going to allow for faster transport to some extent.
A distance check on the hammer isn’t going to be a solution unless it’s made ridiculously short, which everyone would hate.


Right now its very hard to kite bosses in shard/raids. basically if you dont precisely teleport at the right moment the hammer comes back to you and you have to start again :frowning:


instead of shorting pally range why don’t shorten the pip generation to stop pally throughing there hammer like mad man’s

A couple updates:

On the DPS front, we’d be interested in some hard dps number data with the new potency changes on musketeer and warrior after someone has had a chance to do some comparisons between classes. If you can plot down some DPS numbers after a run or a boss dummy test, we’d like to take a look.

Regarding Paladin, we’ll take another look at the throwing range or the snapping to hand behavior. If someone has a video of their own normal throw running into the problem repeatedly we’d also love to take a look at it.

For Warrior, right now the main feedback we’re hearing are 1): Aggro difficulties between tank swaps or for ranged mobs, and 2): Difficulty surviving magic damage, at least compared to Paladin. Would you all say those the two main things Warrior needs help with?


the warrior have difficulty taking agro back from a pally .everytime I tank with a pally I use my horn and right away I loss agro when before the boss hits my shied the pally hits his hammer with his pips on the boss and I loss agro and I end up chasing the boss like a mad man

@Mathieu_D also the damage on the warrior is good now

I am also still unable to proc the o Tile off a gentle healing pulse it only works if harm is selected.

Regarding warriors yes definitely those two although I can see why aggro swap is an issue I have had no issues regaining aggro with a charged provoke or shield blocking. This makes my personal opinion that ranged aggro and magical damage mitigation are something for myself and others I have spoken to highly and desperately desired. Even something as small as the warrior horn shield also shielding the warrior and protection having less of a cooldown with a fixed amount of shield strength/damage mitigation as well as the possibly of having the ability to block ranged attacks with shield even if it meant increased shield damage it would be worth it because it would be a choice to block or dodge.


Do you know what that tile means?

Yes gentle healing or harm pulse. It is something I used pre patch without having to use harm. It was never an issue before so unless I am missing something I am unclear as to why it only procs while harm is active now.

I dont play pally but i think the intent with the stun lock agro boost is for that to be used at the start to quickly gain agro so you dont have to wait for pally to gain agro before attacking as a dps as much. It also means when you would normally stun you are no longer losing as much agro.

Whether the numbers reflect this I’m unsure.

Also a +1 for warrior having even the slightest amount of magic damage reduction. It would mean you dont have to worry as much jumping infront of an orb to save a healer or something.

I was able to maintain 30k going all out potted on warrior now, that’s at an almost unreasonable wound spamming speed, with better weapon affixes I could probably squeeze a bit more out, more than enough to make warrior effective in open world

Bard feels amazing now btw

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For those kinds of numbers, I assume this was with small shield, what talents were you running ? The usual tanking ones or did you spec into the more damage ones like the wound bleed etc.

No it doesn’t it gets the new extra damage and the 25 % increase so all together it will do more damage like they said

Remember lava isn’t an average player and pulls way higher then most people

Will put some videos together for you.

I feel on the fence with the changes for bard. I feel like the healing capability actually got nerfed with the removal of song shield. The instrument of protection doesn’t mitigate nearly as much damage, which I understand as now it’s passive, but this impacts healing mechanics on boss fights in a negative way. I do appreciate that bard is becoming more flexible as a support class and not just a healer, but in high level shards and raids, the boss fights are what really matter and these support instruments just aren’t applicable in these scenarios. The buff to the healing crescendos is definitely nice to have while clearing trash, but in end game content, the amount of the heal isn’t really what matters over timing and coordination with the mechanics so I feel that buff is almost wasted with the exception of over healing a warriors shield. As someone who mains bard and has been doing end game content since even before these fixes and buffs, I feel like this last update has taken us a step backwards in healing capability.