Patch 13.06- Citadel Hardmode Raid 5/11/2021

In normal mode I took a MILLION points of damage from the sun while stacked with 8 people. Absolutely needed a nerf.

I’ll wait for us to clear to provide more feedback but I felt it was a very non issue

Did you really kill boss 2 with 6 and a half minutes fight looking at the Armory? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yes he was the easiest boss, which is why I assume more than a number adjustment occurred. Or maybe our RNG was insane. I got chained like 6 times in that fight lol, jumped on a few times, and even chained & chased & jumped in succession haha

Yeah but I already heard, that you guys killed boss 2 before the raid came out. Which means you haven’t experienced the boss yet in the insanity mode that is is now. We killed it without trouble before the raid came out.

Correct lol. Looking forward to being 1 shot! Just wanted to point out " * Lowered chain tick damage (hard mode)" may have not been all they did.

Yeah I think you are confused with the last patch, because the patch before that made everything harder. So you experienced the boss 3 patches in the past.

I haven’t seen any new raid patch notes since, any links? We tested 4/17
Found them (in the comments lol)

Boss 2:

  • Pools stay for the whole fight. (HARD MODE ONLY)
    *** Soak mechanic added to the Chain Circle attack. Impact of the attack happens much quicker.**
    *** Chain circle attack damage increased (HARD MODE ONLY)**
  • Pools that drop after a Chain Circle attack are delayed a bit to give time to get out of the way.

Yeah, jesus that was hard to find. I just found it too. (Apparently) No-one tested boss 2 before it came out a few days later. But that must have been the patch making that boss impossible.

That also makes sense @Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeshka why the nerf happened.

Boss 3:

  • Increased leech pulse damage. (HARD MODE ONLY)
    *** Increased bomb damage. (HARD MODE ONLY)**
  • The two elites that spawn during Consume are now level 40. (HARD MODE ONLY)

Assuming that is what they are referring to.

I thought the sun-bombs did adequate damage on 4/17. They did a lot of damage but was doable. I’d be willing to face off an increased damage sun-bomb and see how it feels though.

I agree with tbuzz was very easy to kill

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I agree 100% except you may want to when you’re changing it back please make the chains start ticking for damage 5 seconds after they place or something because as of now if a chain and pool spawn on you at the same time its basically a 100% chance of death

Boss 4 is not in a playable state. Every sky AOE we had in our raid had at least 1 person not seeing one or both of the aoes. With having to jump out of 2nd aoe there is just not enough time to take care of orbs and adds. We think adds are overtuned and we need a fix for the sky aoes or it will just not be doable consistently due to visual bugs.

Yeah with how the sky seed thingies that fall from the sky are just being so inconsistent its literally impossible

the reason its impossible isnt the player its the game with whatevers happening there

Quick update: We fixed the bug with boss 2 that was causing it to not do all the mechanics as intended. The boss should be back to its usual difficulty now.


He is still broken in terms of doing all mechanics at the same time when he reaches 25% health. If this is intented it basically makes it impossible at the moment without god tier dps AND nobody dying until then. He rushes, jumps, and places the pools on chains at the same time (he did this twice in a row on our longest run which got him below 25% so I doubt its coincidence).

Had it today were the boss is under 25% health, chain spawns with pool, chained person jumps and then immediately dies because the boss has jumped on them. theres no time to regain stamina or even react if you did have the stamina to jump again.

The boss is only getting taken down with insane dps burning it.

Edit for clarity: im talking about boss 2

In the mini DLC the spider boss has an actual jump animation, why does boss 2 not? One example: Today he chained me and in under a quarter second jumped on me, instantly killing me. There’s also getting double pooled + chained, although an attempt could be argued for positioning in this case. That said, the pools are enormous.

What makes boss 2 a struggle are the insta kill bugs/mechanics. It’s not a fair fight, there’s nothing you can do when it happens & very close to nothing you can do to prevent it from happening through legitimate gameplay. For the double pools, it’s also kind of random. No animation or cast bar to spawn it / etc … its just a weird mechanic. The chain pool is atleast tied to something.

Beyond that, the flow of the fight is there. Originally he was kind of a chase everyone around the map & jump fight. Now he is very coordinated similar to boss 1. I think expanding on his first iteration, throwing chaos in the mix, jumping around more, etc, would have made a more interesting fight. But I’ll take him as he is, just fix the unavoidable insta kills lol.

Besides the insta kill bug, leather is noticeably more survivable than cloth on this fight too while being chained. Specifically the musky shield doesn’t have to be at literally 100% to soak with 3 people w/ full hp too (using aged enhanced vit pot). Normally I’d think this is okay in an MMO but it’s the first time I’ve ever noticed on Orbus in a raid lol.

I guess this was reverted? His rotation itself seems consistent but the timing between types of actions is super inconsistent.

Boss 2 is definitely a pain, he’s certainly killable, we’ve taken him down a couple times since the changes landed. It’s just a meat grinder of a fight, you just have to hope you aren’t losing crucial players To the instant kills before you’ve lost enough dps to finish him. I couldn’t begin to guess what needs to be fixed to balance him, it’s still so chaotic. One suggestion that springs to mind, If he didn’t get a massive damage reduction during his charge phase it might give players a chance to burn him through his murder phase at 25% , seems odd that the hardest time to hit the boss is also a dps stop, shouldn’t people be rewarded for landing hits while he’s charging around the room? A damage increase seems more fitting in that situation, reward skilled players for hitting the moving target and give us another strategy to kill him, simply burning him down while players kite


Indeed he is killable, but he’s to RNG. as you state: ‘‘You just have to hope you’re crucial players don’t get killed’’.

I also think that Boss 2 is very annoying. Given that boss 1 has 0 DPS checks and if you do the mechanics you’ll beat the boss, and Boss 3 has the Consume Add DPS check, it feels strange that the current strat is assume everyone will be picked off one by one going into the rampage phase.

The mechanic that feels like it needs to be tweaked for me is jumps below 50%. Honestly everything else seems manageable as a mechanic.

Here are my suggestions for fixing the jump below 50%.

  1. Don’t jump to chained people. Will it make it slightly more chaotic? Yes. But do we at least have a chance of survival? Also Yes. From my experience, after the jump, there is another tick of chain. Meaning if you unbend and jump out, you still will die potentially.
  2. Set the jump in the middle of the chained period under 50% health. Chains are on for 10 seconds so if you can have time to jump out of the chain pool drops, and then group up if needed, and maybe rampage is happening.
  3. Don’t jump during the chained period. Currently it is 20 seconds on/ 10 seconds off for the chains. If in the 10 second period he jumps to someone it potentially gives people time to group up and spread out again before new pools/ chains land. This also tracks with Lava’s suggestion then of you are rewarded to do DPS while also doing this mechanic.
  4. Don’t jump when boss below 50% health. XD Would also fix the problem but would also maybe make the boss toooo easy.

Requiring people to be stacked between 0 and 3 seconds ish + having massive AoE insta murder pools (when stacked) is a big part of the issue. Chain targets are at increased risk because the spawning in double pools will be extremely more likely to kill them, although everyone will probably die within it (it comes down to armor type & musky shielding). Multiple damage sources = no unbending either.

For example, you could chase the target the boss is following around the map as a group, with chained people be more towards the center of the map as to not damage people. This keeps you clumped for a 0 second jump. However, at any moment, he could double pool and murder most/all of the group.

There’s no way to be clumped & not clumped. If you split into groups of 3, all people must be topped off & shielded. Cloth will die without 100% shield, 100% hp, and aged enh vit pot (I also mana shielded), leather get slight but not much leeway. Any chain targets will not be topped off/not max shield(killing cloth on the jump with 1 tick of chain dmg to their shield). You can’t pre-heal or pre-shield chained targets because the chain is doing constant dmg, so a musky must hit at the very last half second possible. Theoretically a musky could nail it 100% the time, but probably not. So, lets assume every time here 0-2 chain targets die every 30 seconds. Then every 30 seconds pools happen, and probably insta kills 0-4 players from 2 groups, or wipes an entire single group of 3 people. If you’re not double pooled, and not chained, you get saved by unbending once here. Otherwise you will die with unbending.

If a musky dies as one of those people, the group probably dies too. If you can’t kill the boss in under 60-90(unbending luck) seconds from 50%, the group probably dies. This is while the boss is chasing players around being harder to hit, taking reduced damage, jumping, while you may be repositioning yourself. The only way to really burn him would be to wait at 51%, let mechanics go off, then unleash maximum DPS, letting people die until 0%.

How 2 fix:
This boss is probably doable without random animationless instant unannounced double pools. But they are such a non fun nuisance / wrench in the gears that I question their very existence. They seem like a bug tied to jump pools tbh. I’d argue to alter/remove them & add a different mechanic. A complete removal of random pools probably makes the boss easy, but right now they don’t make the boss hard they make it dumb. Pools after jumps are fine. Also fix the timing between actions so he doesn’t chain then insta jump or pool. If you add a way to know who is going to be pooled seconds ahead of time, then don’t have him instant chain right after so they can drop the pool & get back to the party within a reasonable amount of time if they were paying attention. If you remove the random pools and add something else then I’d have to see it lol.

It’s the random 0 seconds between actions, and it’s the dichotomy of be grouped but don’t be grouped or an instant unannounced huge AOE will instantly kill the entire party or a significant portion. Sometimes his actions have reasonable delays, but throughout the fight the actions stop synchronizing and he’ll begin doing things back to back.

I suppose maybe if each group has 1 musky they can try to keep their 3-split alive and also get 1 brez. But nothing can stop a double pool from instantly killing the group together. They’d have to split in an area large enough to not get double pooled with the center teammate, then rejoin on chains for a jump, as long as the boss doesn’t instantly jump lol. I’m also thinking ranger DPS only because cloth just isn’t worth it, in terms of surviving the fight legitimately and not burning. Shamans must be super S.O.L for this fight too lol. The issue is shielding. Jump damage is immediate and I don’t remember seeing a cast bar / any warning. You could count seconds except that there is no set # of seconds to count. Furthermore considering cloth need to be healed/shielded within 0.5 seconds for a group of 3 the timing is very important lol, plus latency.

The other potential option is create two enormously spaced lines of players on both sides of the boss, each group w/ 1 musky, slowly working inwards to prevent double pooling / running into a pool later. More players might also allow cloth to survive here, except 99% chance they still die instantly to getting single pooled & chained with no delay. idk if the group has to follow the chased target, might have to. I also don’t remember if you can be double pooled while chained/waiting for a jump. Top the group off while on top of the chained target to survive the jump. Idk maybe yeet your turret to heal people super far away so they don’t die to pool/chains in the next round after taking jump dmg. Or possibly, regroup again after a jump, heal, then break back into a line. Stand on the edge of your last pool to conserve space. Tanks can fill in for jumps during chases. If one side dies too much, a DPS can swap sides. You need a musky + 2 others to survive a jump, at minimum.
– What am I saying. Chug a heal pot after each chain lol. Not sure the CD, I never use them.

Lastly, always let the jump target die after 50%? Potential for that. lol. Stay split, don’t let pools overlap. Chug a pot or get healed later. Immediately heal chain targets, and 1 will die. B-res.

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