Patch 15.06 - More Desync Fixes

Hi everyone, we have a patch going out along with a server reset in around 40 minutes with fixes for both the issue where a weapon appears to be equipping in the wrong hand or swapping hand incorrectly, and for a different issue where sometimes a weapon may not work properly without pressing the trigger of the opposite hand.



This seems to have broken scoundrel and ranger.

The scoundrel has in the rotation that it charges their gun with 1 trigger hand. And burn a card with their other hand. This is broken now. When you press both triggers the charge gets interrupted. And you can not charge anymore until you restart. On top of that, when you press both triggers to actually activate the super of the scoundrel, it doesn’t work either. Your super won’t activate.

For ranger, starting your super with a charged arrow doesn’t work anymore either. Again having the both trigger press bug.

So far it all points at pressing both triggers. Sadly there is another one. I got feedback from a ranger that grabbing special arrows is not working anymore normally either. Making it alot harder to grab the special arrows on feeling. This only involves 1 trigger button instead of 2…

I will have to see for myself about the ranger after this raid…


Thank you for letting us know, we’re investigating the issue now.


We’ll have a fix up for the scoundrel behavior soon, but can you elaborate on the ranger super issue?

If we knock a special arrow and press the left trigger at the same time to pop your super it seems to be working on our side.

Special arrows seem to be working as normal too.

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I just had the time to test the ranger. Seems to be working normal for me too. Scoundrel was personal experience. Ranger was from someone else.

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On another note. Alot of people don’t get percentage credit for the weekly Darius mission of killing the Scav Giant. Its really weird.


There’s a new patch available for download on all platforms to fix the scoundrel issue with a charged shot/burning a card, as well as the super.

Thank you for your patience.


Another ranger bug, though not related to this patch is occasionally, the haptics in both controllers stop working, and when it does, the strength meter is gone and my DPS is like that of a warrior.

Ive noticed this too. I think the game doesn’t register talents on class swap or loading sometimes.

Theres no haptic feedback because theres no precision bar. I get this sometimes too and notice its broken because of the charged arrow taking 2 seconds instead of 1 because of no fast charge talent.

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Oh thanks for letting us know, has this happened randomly for a long time, or only recently?

Randomly in the last few weeks.

This also happenes for other classes, I’ve had it for mage at least, very noticeable when you suddenly no longer have lend a hand.

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This one in particular happens to me all the time, it’s impossible to not notice