Patch 16.01 - Shard Legendary Drops, New Overworld Quests

Hi everyone, in the patch coming out around Noon CST you’ll be able to start hunting for the new legendary drops found in shards, and discover new Orbus mysteries in three new questlines (as well as a continuation of the brotherhood quest line.)

Patch notes:

  • 5 new legendary cosmetic & pet drops can be found as drops from monsters in any shard dungeon of any level. Dragonfly Wings, Squirrel Tail, Demon Horns, Pet Kitten, Raven Pet. Details on the system here.

  • New quests can be found at the following:

    • A new salvaging camp in Lamavora
    • The new lighthouse in Hulthine’s Basin
    • A strange new hut that appeared in The Flooded Rainforest
  • Amongst other rewards, one of the new quests grants a new furniture piece and another a new teleporter.

We hope you enjoy the new content and we can’t wait to see the new transmogs being worn!


The patch is now live and available to download. Have fun!


We can confirm that there has been one of the new Shard Legendary drops since yesterday, so congrats to the lucky owner!


i think there might be a problem with the second mission from the (lamavora salvager) the person lavera is not to be found anywhere and the npc thats there can’t be talked to

Yeah, same issue here

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Thanks for the head’s up, the NPC that’s there should be the one to talk to so we’ll see why that might not work.

I like the fact that ‘mad dog’ dialogue links in with the new store video. When he asks ‘have you heard the one where I nearly lost my legs to a dwarf shark’. Great addition and funny.

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Can you let us know which other quests you have in your journal? Do any other ones involve the same NPC?

Doesn’t seem like I do. I have Fugitive mission, juicy gossip for Glen and the completed Weird Sisters quest (which appears to be stuck, maybe?)

Okay, we found the issue I believe. It should work now, let us know.


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Yep, managed to get it working

Thank you very much!

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