Patch 18.02 - Talent & stuck in combat desync fixes, other improvements

Hey everyone! Today’s patch going live at 11AM CST includes a few fixes and improvements to longstanding issues.

  • Implemented the earlier Ranger fix for talents occasionally breaking when changing classes to now affect all classes
  • Fixed a desync that could lead to players getting stuck in combat. We’d love to hear from you if under normal gameplay you’re still getting stuck in combat.
    • Please note: the stuck in combat button itself is unchanged, which means it may still not be currently reliable. If you get stuck in combat, please let us know only if you have not used the button.
  • Replaced the frostbolt 1 rune in Highsteppe with a more accurate one
  • Added training dummy names to player house dummies for combat log purposes
  • Fixed scoundrel breakshot talent description



Wow that was fast. You happy now mishka?

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I cannot thank you enough for this. You have no idea how much trouble you just saved for so many new mages!


Patch is now live, enjoy!


Glad we got something for the stuck combat bug! Also by any chance did lore books get updated too?

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That’s on the list, hoping to get a fix in for them for the next patch. :slight_smile:


I have definitely still been getting stuck in combat mostly in raids but a few other times in just the normal overworld

Yep, still getting stuck in combat in raids, shards, & overworld. It seems to happen a lot when I or my party kill something really fast. It is admittedly not as frequent since before this patch, but it is still occurring.

Thank you for letting us know, we’ll investigate deeper. We’re certain that we fixed a desync causing it but it’s possible that there is something else with the combat state that might be going wrong.

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