Patch 20.01 - New Player House, Tutorial, Questline, and Quality of Life Features

Hi everyone, today’s update going live around 11:15 CDT is absolutely massive for newer players and should still include a lot of noticeable changes and content for veterans as well!

New Player Tutorial

  • New characters can now select their movement and hand options before completing character creation, and must view the Code of Conduct before finalizing it.
  • The new “tutorial island” is a very brief introduction zone where new characters will end up, which will familiarize them with some absolute basics of interaction, with a new tutorial tracker that is up on screen at all times until tutorial is complete, as well as a better system of showing the players where to go.
  • Once they are put in Highsteppe, players will be introduced to a more cohesive tutorial quest chain which will explain missions and many other features of the game.
  • Added 3 new “pre-msq” quests after the tutorial to prepare you for the Explorer’s League quests.
  • Added around 25 new context sensitive popups to explain various mechanics of the game, some which will appear when a player moves close to that feature (for example, Darius for missions), others situationally happening. Veteran players will also experience these unless they have tutorials turned off in the menu.
  • Added a few additional help signs scattered throughout the world.
  • Improved the journal with better bookmarks, adding labels and making bookmarks lead to the correct page
  • Added new class billboards near the training dummies in the house and outside Highsteppe (requires help signs on)
  • New Player House tour will explain the different features of the player house.
  • Added labels to different menu icons
  • Added labels to class bars like stamina and ammo

Overhauled Player House

  • Fully redesigned the house layout to make it match the outside more, make it larger and look less boxy
  • Added new functioning mirror next to the transmog dresser
  • Magical Elevator lets you move from floor to floor instantly, with a brief description of what is on the floor
  • Added a new unlockable 8 slots per furniture chest, costing 100k dram per chest

Barmaid Jasan Questline

  • Barmaid Jasan needs your help to solve a few problems in the Highsteppe Tavern, go speak to her when you can! Veteran players may recognize some of these characters.

Misc Changes

  • Added a safety bubble indicator to show when it is turned on
  • Added an icon near other player health bars when you have muted them
  • Fixed drop rate on dyes in Hard Mode Citadel
  • Made the League Leader MSQ require level 2 reputation with Darius to prevent completely new players accidentally embarking on a journey that will be much too difficult for them

Finally, if you have a character already on the current (old) tutorial, you will be able to clear it from your inventory by killing a stafrusher, but we do recommend starting over to experience the new one.


That’s seems like a lot of dram to me

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This ^

Added characters

Just to clarify, it’s 100k per 8 slots. Will rephrase the sentence there. :smiley:


Can you see front and back in the mirror or is it the same as logging out?

The “precision” marking is also on rapidity meter. #RepRap #UncapRap

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I see no mirror next to the transmog cupboard on the quest is it only on PCVR?

It looks like we accidentally included it in the list of objects that get hidden with the help signs toggle.

We’ll get that fixed for the next patch, but for now if you turn help signs back on it should work. Sorry about that!


The button in-game says 10,000 rather than 100,000.

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I’m sitting on 2.6 million and not sure what to do with it

This’ll be fixed in the next patch, sorry about that.

This evening I have been sat in the wastelands grinding where I have been told the key thief appears. I have been grinding for hours with a small group of players. He never spawned, just how long does it take. Should you really need to wait for several hours considering the quest out of the box has a battery life of about two hours between charges?

Struggling with this as well. I am wondering if it is a random spawn point or maybe he walks a long path of travel.

I’ve been back a few times since yesterday and still no luck.

Got him, maybe one benefit of living in England, I was the only one in the wastelands shard …

When I got back I hear from a few players that he takes 3 hours to re-spawn. This seems a long time if it’s true.

(sorry, couldn’t help myself :rofl: )


This will be fixed today, sorry about that, the respawn timer was incorrect.


thank you!

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Can we get the “charges” bar for Paladin removed
I doubt we need 2 pips counters, when one is in front Of the other.

You can see charges in between pips, some mobs dont give a full pip, this bar is more accurate.


I’d like to test out the new tutorial but unfortunately, I already have the max number of characters (2).