Patch 21.05- Summer Fest Begins!

Today release around 11 AM CST will bring with it the start of the Summer Festival, along with some new side quests (including the completion of the Chef Lethrow questline). There are also a few bug fixes included

Patch Notes

  • Summer Fest start and Spring Fest removed
  • Side quests added
  • Adjusted King Kar’Nos wave effect to be more visible
  • Reduced all shaman totems to spawn 5 seconds after initialization (instead of waiting their full cooldown when switching to Shaman)
  • Fixed Charged Strikes conflict with DoT

YAY SHAMAN STUFF (lowercase to post)


Does this mean what I think it means? O.O

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I think it means shaman and ranger become better


Patch is live now!


More lore :slight_smile:

It’s cigar merchant :frowning:

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The last quest gave me last years cape.

Thanks for letting us know, we had that in there as a placeholder and it slipped through. You will still receive this years cape on the “Dynamite!!” quest. We will get it removed, thanks.

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I love when you adjsut stuff :rofl: /tease

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Yay shaman stuff! Can’t wait to try it!

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This is great!! Shaman needed a cooldown reduction when changing classes more than anything!


is glen supposed to give a quest when you speak to him? he justbtells you to find some gossip and that’s it.

has anyone gotten a quest or figured it out?

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