Patch 22.01- Harvest Festival

Hey everyone, around 11 am CST will be the launch of the patch bringing back the Harvest Festival!

You can read about all the details here .

To start the quests speak with:

  • The Festival Glodgoren outside the Highsteppe gates
  • The Festival Farmer near Cenn’s shop
  • Pierre Cenn for critter capture mission*


  • 1 achievement, unlocked for doing the quests and capturing 500 event critters. Note that this total carries over from previous years, so if you unlocked it or were partway through last year you won’t need to start over.
  • Rewards include a new pet, cape, and teleporter. Returning rewards are the cosmetic head and gloves, mount, bone chandelier and the Fall Herald title

We will also have a blog post coming out in the next few weeks outlining the upcoming chaos realm dungeon, so stay on the lookout for that!


Patch is now live!

Pierre Cenn doesn’t have a new mission for me

Hmm okay well look into that, what character is it on?

CelebiBoo is the character name

Okay thanks, we found the problem, we are working on getting it patched now

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Try now and let me know if it works.

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It’s fixed thank you!


Can’t wait to add another Snatcher to my collection :D. I really like the colors the dev team chose this year.

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My first time. Festival. glodgoren.


User name: PizzaLvr
I finished everything but didn’t receive the cape and chandelier. I finished Snatcher Catcher III last year.

You should be able to purchase the items from the Achievement Vendor downstairs in Highsteppe

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Successfully bought the cape today.

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