Patch 24.01: Winter Festival of Strangers is Live

The Winter Festival of Strangers is now live! You can read more about the festival here, be sure to grab the latest update before jumping in game.

Patch Notes:

  • Added in Winter Festival NPC, Monster, Rewards
  • Updated over world zones to winter theme
  • Removed Fall Festival questline NPC, Monster, Rewards

And it is fantastic. :clap::clap::clap:

Highsteep light 4 doesn’t count on the book

We rolled out a fix for this, will be updated when a zone resets.

for me the highsteppe 4th one was already done when i picked up the quest.
also the rainforest entrance from sarrows’ cave seems to have experienced a localized lack of snowfall.

May be missing something here, but the heart of the strangers isn’t spawning. I even checked with a fresh shard instance and can’t see it

I saw it earlier today, but when I wen’t to kill it we waited like 30 min without it spawning.

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i too will have to say i think the heart of the strangers is bugged waited 1 hour and through 2 shards and he didn’t spawn


I can also kinda confirm that, was taking a peek into Crystal Cave repeatedly over the past few hours, didn’t see him even once

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We just pushed out a fix for the Heart of the stranger not spawning and will be updated next time zone spins up, thank you for letting us know, and let us know if you find anything else.


There’s also a patch of grass and a few trees in the basin that still rock the fall color :slight_smile:

I’ve ran around and grabbed all 4 lights in highsteep 3 more times and number 4 still doesn’t count in my book

I fixed it by going to the quest clear npc

Way late to have noticed this but the winter mount this year isn’t the toboggan like the post suggests, it’s the snowshoes (or at least that’s what I got).

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