Patch 27.01 Summer Festival/ 5 Year Finale

The builds will start going out about 11 AM CST today, you will have to get the updated version to log back in. If you would like to read more about the festival events you can check out the blog post here .

Patch Notes-

  • Updated environments from spring to summer
  • Removed spawners for Spring Festival
  • Added Summer Fest quests
  • Added Summer Fest rewards
  • Added Anniversary Event quests and rewards

Edit: Patch is now live


I found a bug with the second new anniversary event quest: The counter for the Parathime Finches increases for every bird critter caught, not only finches. I do space out while doing overworld sometimes, but I don’t think I’d space out hard enough to catch 57 finches x)


I ran into the same thing. The first time I was like, " I don’t think I over caught those by THAT much", then when it got to 50 I was knew it was increasing weirdly and there was no way I was crazy AND obsessed with catching finches.

Also the new Rupert is great. His foil is fantastic and I wish we could apply it to gear


I was under the same impression until you said something :sweat_smile: “Dang, my brain is really frazzled today—when did I catch so many finches?”

Also gonna hijack my own comment to say I realllly love Angel Rupert and its adorable icon. (@Jake_E dragons are still the best pet, though! Sorry, Rupert…)

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I just started it too, I’ll definitely finish it later!

I saw Rupert there, man it looks gorgeous!

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W honestly

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