Patch 27.03- Winter Festival Questline

Hello everyone and good morning! Patch 27.03 is now live and can be downloaded from all the stores.

Patch Notes

  • Added Winter Festival Questline
  • Removed 5 Year Anniversary Boosts
  • Removed 5 Year Anniversary Questline
  • Reset overworld legendary drop chance back to before 5 Year Anniversary Event
  • Backend Fixes
  • Stranger Day Lights were moved to all new locations including the Forsaken Isle (Just an FYI)
  • New New Achievement/ Cape for Stranger Day Festival 2023

Keep an eye out for another post this week with information about an upcoming event we have planned, along with some more exciting information!


Woohoo more Orbus development!


6th anniversary when???
Just playin with yall but it’s nice to see a update on my oculus with the little blue dot for the first time in forever <3 thanks for still up keeping the game and not leaving it to rot. We should skip summer this year and go straight to fall we had a bit much summer last year


the first stranger day lights quest says the first one is by the mouse trap dragon race, which it no longer is.


Another thing, the forsaken isle lights are still called wastelands lights. Spent a while looking for them in the wastelands…

Overall it was fun to hunt them down again tho!


Thanks Robert for the much needed patch! Got 2 new Orbis I am going to introduce the game to this week.


That is my fault I thought i got them changed in the journal but i forgot to update the descriptions, well get that fixed and pushed out (probably next week)


Awesome! Glad to have more join the community!

Is the pet supposed to be the same one from last year?

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