Patch 27.04- Love is in the Air!

You can check out the short blog post here outlining this latest patch! As we said in the blog be sure to keep an eye on the forums as Valentines day gets closer for some additional fun!

Patch Notes-

  • Fixed typos from Winterfest questline
  • Updated dragon breeding timer from 12 hr to 2 hr for February
  • Added chance to earn Legendary Overworld Pet drop to dragon breeding

Gonna be busy with my 8 alt accs. Time to crash the pet world drop market!

I had wondered what appeared in the tank. Awesome.


Did you get any?

Got to lazy after 5 breeds, switching accs is to much work

More fun…?

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nah, they just marinating the idea let them cook

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Clearly they meant next Valentine’s Day, where they will announce OrbusVR: Reborn: Reawakened. A total rebuild of the game with a new overworld, 4 new classes, improved graphics, new dungeons, new raids, and gating old content away permanently, but letting people keep their gear. Also the level cap is increasing to 40, and we’ll finally get the second DLC


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