Patch 5.6: Sprint Five Part One!

In the next couple of hours, we’ll be releasing a new patch on the client and the server which introduces the first part of our Sprint Five Content as well as some other things.

Rare Fish

The highlight of this new patch is improvements and fleshing out further of the Fishing class. There are 3 new types of fish available in the world, all of which are “rare” fish which don’t follow the usual rules. They will appear in different bodies of water depending on a variety of factors (which the avid fisherman will need to discover if they want to be able to reliably catch them on an ongoing basis).

Two of these fish are ingredients in new potion recipes which allow you to quickly “mass produce” Concentrated Healing Potions, Luck Potions, and Empowered Strikes Potions.

Go back and speak with Ernest to start the new quests available to learn about these rare fish, gain new fishing gear (with stats!), and unlock these new potion recipes.

Stats on Fishing Gear

The new gear from the questline now features Strength, Intellect, and Luck stats. The Strength stat affects how easy it is to catch fish. All fish now have their own Strength stat, and how your Strength measures up against the fish’s determines how much “jerking” the fish will do, which affects how easy it will be to reel it in without snapping your line. You’ll want to acquire some fishing gear with Strength on it before attempting to catch the new rare fish. Intellect increases the likliehood of receiving “nibble” alerts, which will be vital to helping you track down where the rare fish are located. And Luck is now even more beneficial while fishing, affecting not only your chance to catch a fish, but now Luck gives you a chance to catch two fish at once on the same cast!

Gold Rush Cape Reward

When the new patch goes live, those of you who earned the Gold Rush achievement over the weekend should be able to visit the Backer Rewards vendor in Highsteppe and claim your new cape.

Shard Dungeon Mutations

This week’s Shard Dungeon mutations are Sickness and Last Stand. However, note that Last Stand no longer applies to bosses.

Other Changes

  • The fishing pole now has a HUD so you can see your health as well as any active buffs while fishing.
  • Fixed issues with the line not breaking while fishing, and tweaked it overall to be a little more difficult to catch strong fish.
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing Player Market stalls from properly supporting selling Dragons and Runemsith tilesets; both of these should be working now.
  • Fixed a bug which was sometimes causing the Player’s Dragon Terrarium not to appear.
  • Fixed an issue which sometimes caused the Pet Dragon to take aggro during some boss fights.
  • If you move your position greatly while fishing, your bobber will now reset. You have quite a bit of wiggle room, but if you were previously casting off a dock then moving to your bobber, that will no longer work.

We’ll update this post when the new client and server builds are available. Thanks!



Reason to celebrate right here!


Will fishing gear that has already been received get stats added onto them, or will we have to get more armor to get these new stats?

No, I left in getting it that way as an “Easter Egg”, but pointed out that you would need to do the quests to get the gear with stats. Also it is no longer possible to get it that way, only through the quest. So feel free to hang onto that “stat-less” version if you like :slight_smile:

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Understood, thanks for the reply.

Thanks for fixing the runesets issue @Riley_D I really appreciate you fitting that in!

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We’re baking what should be the final build now, so this should be going out in a little over an hour. Thanks!


Client-side patches are available now, and server restart is happening shortly. Thanks!

Okay, patch should be live now. Be sure to restart Steam/Oculus to get the client-side patch as well. Thanks!

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Already found a bug, if I’m purchasing a stackable item from a stall, it doesn’t stack up, and also the aged potion’s particle is bugged

I definitely got the reward, and the Backer Rewards vendor doesn’t have anything for me.

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I’m not sure why the aged potion’s particle would be any different, that’s strange. I’ll take a look at the non-stacking bug.

Hmmm…I see the AccountItem ready to go for you, that’s weird. Robert tested it and it gave him his fine.

Anyone else successfully gotten theirs?

Update: Just got it, I didn’t realize there was a game update AND a server restart, as I was able to get the fishing quests with just the server restart. All good now!

I absolutely love fishing both in real life and in game. In most MMOs, except this one, it’s quite a slog for me but can be quite peaceful just chatting with the people around me as I go for the big ones. I really hope the ideas I’ve got in my head for how these special fish spawn is correct. I’d love to figure this all out without having to ask people.

I also am not able to get mine. I did receive the achievement and was on throughout goldrush.

Switching between original or beta client did not fix it.
Also tried a full restart of steam.

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i am also not recieving the cape, and i completly restarted steam to make sure i got the client side update as well

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Okay no worries I will look into it in a bit. If you got the achievement we’ll get you the cape one way or another :slight_smile:

i have the same problem.