Patch 5.7 (Sprint Six) Patch Notes


I like that. This maybe could even be the price for community tournaments later on


I figured the first time or two it might be fun to let whoever figures it out get it, but basically I assume word is going to travel quickly and within a few times it’s going to be well-known. If for some reason it’s not by later this week I will publicly disclose it.


How does the system determine who is an enemy when no one has attacked? Is it anyone not in your grp?


Having the speed boost not-working in combat but still having it out of combat would be really nice, i really hate the long walks and was very excited about the speed boost


Cave in the desert Wilds when the sun set confirmed.


I’m not sure what’s in the trickster chest yet, but I really hope it has more long term value other than capes or armor/weapons. I feel this chest as well as world bosses should drop rare materials or already aged potions. This would keep me and others coming back to try and get them. :slight_smile:


I think it’s definitely something the community is going to find valuable for the current state of things. We’ll probably adjust what’s in there as well over time. The goal is definitely to keep it highly-contested long-term.


You mean, WE.

@Riley_D Any plans for increasing the default weight a player can carry?


Any plans on adding the chest to the leaderboard ?


^ That would be really cool


Does the removal of healing buffs work on PVE mobs as well? Please let musks be able to remove at least the hots or reduce healing taken when fighting healing mobs. They are such a pain to kill…


Are the mutations changing today with this patch?


This is only for PVP currently, but we’ll keep that in mind.


Just FYI, this patch will probably be going live around 1 PM Central Time, and it will require 10-15 minutes of downtime to deploy. Thanks!


Wait. if we get a new highsteppe. will the “mehh mehh” “bumbumbuum” guy still be there?

If not, would someone do me a favore and record a small video of him saying his text? I would miss him


They’re still around :wink:


Mehh Mehh!

Bum bum buuuum.


Will the chest despaqn after a certain amount of time if it isn’t found in time?


Also does the chest have a “Opening Time” to get the loot that can be interrupted?

Or does it become a loot right away and then someone has to kill the looter, which makes them a bandit, then everyone else is free from becoming a bandit because they are killing a bandit for the loot.


If I had to guess looting the chest will give you banded status but the guards wont attack you