Patch 5.7 (Sprint Six) Patch Notes


My only question about that loot box, will the loot be for pvp specific armor/weapons (if such at all)or will it force us non-pvp players out there due to being better than other things?



I have a feeling it will be trade-able items because what would be the purpose of having to escape the wilds with it in possession if it wasn’t?

From the blog post…
"In addition to that, we’re adding the Trickster’s Chest, a new rare chest in the Wilds which spawns on a set schedule and provides valuable loot to those who attempt to capture it. Of course, it’s deep in the Wilds, so you have to make it out alive first to claim your bounty…"


Are the servers still going down at this time?


I just broadcast that servers were going down in 30 minutes about 5 minutes ago.


That is true, however, it does not state it remains tradeable once you are safe.

But to note, i dont mind pvp nuts going for that ”phat lewt”, I just hope that whatever potential equipment that drops is +/-dmg to/from players, and that the dmg to monsters is equal that of ”some tier dungeon” equipment.


Just a quick note, when you first login if you were previously in Highsteppe, it’s possible you will now be in a building or something like that. So if that happens just use Return to Graveyard to get out of the building.


Client-side downloads should now be available on both Steam and Oculus. Restart to get them. Server is going down for server-side patch now.


Idk if i would consider waiting a few more days as suffering :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay, everything should be up and running. Thanks!


We just had to do another restart to fix a major bug. Hopefully that should be the last. My apologies for the no-warning.


We are experiencing some random crashes right now in some of the zones, working on a fix now. Hang tight.


Okay, we’re going to do a quick planned restart in about 30 minutes to solve those problems once and for all. Thanks!


Bug report- In the necro polar I lagged out. When I came back my character had split in two. One I controlled, the other was a statue. I could trade with and friend the duplicate. Other players said my voice was doubled.


I am having a hard time looking at people’s stalls. I can’t even see my own. It seems I have to wave really really hard to see the stalls. Even if I do that, I still don’t see the items in people’s stalls.


now there’s three. Is this some sort of necro magiks?


Hang on this restart should fix it.


Yeah, I saw 3 of your dragons too. In fact when i pulled it pulled multiple mobs as though we had 4 people in a group. Haha!!


You mean you’re having a hard time getting the stall inventory to open?


Yes, to view people’s stall I need to wave. I have to wave super hard and fast to see it, and I can’t see my own items as well in my stall. I tried to wave in front of my stall (1) and its hard for me to view it.


I’ve heard a couple people complain that you have to wave like above your head to get the stall inventory to open. If you’re sitting down its really hard