Patch 5.7 (Sprint Six) Patch Notes


When you say you can’t see your items in your stall, you mean once you get it to open they’re not your items anymore? Or what?


inventory is there, its just i can’t view it as a normal buyer once i close my chest. I am sitting down or am really short. I will try waving above my head.


I believe Elk and I completed Act 3! (No more quests but I may have missed something).

Bug Reports! (Mostly minor stuff) {Sorry for spoilers!}

  • Markos or Sicilius mentions a map when you get handed the key, but no map was added to my journal that I saw
  • No compass items for the necropolar were displaying. This made it a little tricky as one of the quest givers tells you to use your compass to find a specific bay
  • NPC who has you kill 25 corrupted says he will give you something to help withstand the cold but doesn’t give anything on quest completion
  • You need to get multiple Narhwal horns in order to progress the quest. If you only get one, Tinny keeps it when you return to her, and you need one to be blessed
  • Once you see both cutscenes and get pulled out of the waystation, you can go right back in and experience it all over
  • Narwhal weight seems to fluctuate between 100 and 1000 pounds, which is pretty nuts and may drive some weird behavior due to leaderboard fishing weight tracking

Edit: Also, not sure if this was server lag or what, but there was a spot near Mikka, kinda slopped and to the right if facing him, where my client would get into a weird state where it kept loading and hopping my view, was kinda rough. Once I needed to exit the client, the other time I managed to inch away until it stopped.

While I was a little disappointed in the length and the overall small size of the new area, I really enjoyed the expanded lore and theater and I can’t wait for the raids. (Oh, was also kinda disappointed that there were no lore books or harvestables along the way)


Since the patch went out my client crashes 90% of the time on start.

Edit: It was an Nvidia driver problem. Rolling back fixed it.


Okay, send me an output log if it happens again and I will take a look.


Narwahl fishing doesn’t contribute toward the leaderboard.

Thanks for the reports we will look at all that.


Just sent over an output log


Is that still happening to you or is it fixed now?


Just to add, Narwhale’s show up as a Sunfish when hanging on the line.

(Very glad this was added in-game, hope to see more of something similar in the future of fishing)


This was in for testing and should have been removed, it will be in next restart

This will be fixed on next restart too, she should have been giving you back the horn after turning it in.

did it seem like it was trying to load another zone, or was it a different type of lag?


So every time we engage combat pvp the wilds get a zone reset.
Also can you fix the graveyard on the far back of the hill in lamavora wilds? each time you die from there you respawn to the far graveyard, it’s kinda annoying


I think I just fixed that, let me know if it’s still happening. Robert is going to each Wilds zone to reset it now but the Lamavora Wilds should be good already now.


it just happened 3 mins ago if you’re referring to pvp reset.


Yes I know, after that one it should be fine. You just happened to trigger the reset before we could do it for you.

It was the new Ranger poison arrow that was causing it.


The warrior shield bash does nothing in PVP


Okay, I see what happened there.

Alright, we’re going to have to do one more restart. My apologies on that to everyone. We’ll do it in 40 minutes so people running dungeons have plenty of notice.


Do we have to finish the main msq before we can access the new area?


ROFL! Elk the lvl 20 fisherman wants more fishing content… this is my surprised face :neutral_face:
Did being level 20 help you catch them easier Elk?


yes it is unlocked during the main story quests.


so been pvping for awhile now, took 4 dps, 3 archers and a mage, 3 minutes to kill a singular musketeer. there were times when there was 2 poisons at once and he still healed to full at multiple times