Patch 5.7 (Sprint Six) Patch Notes


This should be fixed now.


Did you record that? :smiley: I’m not a very good musky btw think I just got lucky


just recorded a video of me shooting a still musket, went about as well as we would




The skills required to survive and heal others against end level mobs and bosses are the same skills that keep you alive in PVP. The healing is so powerful because it is required to be.

Other MMOs balance this with interrupt skills which are basically missing from OrbusVR - things like silence and stun. The poison debuff is not enough alone because even reduced by 15% single-target healing is still really strong.

Please do not nerf healing in reaction to this - add more interrupts instead!


I mean, that’s essentially what we’re doing with the Warrior Shield Slam, which doesn’t seem to be getting a lot of play yet but I think will eventually. Knocking off the Renew, Shield, and Lifewell in one fell swoop while slowing them down is, I think, going to be pretty powerful.

We may end up increasing the healing decrease as well, but I guess the point I’m trying to make it, we’re trying to balance the PvP assuming a group-based engage, not necessarily “can a Musketeer just standing there without anyone actually doing anything to them other than firing at them heal through the damage from one Ranger.”


Fair Enough. To add more data in the discussion, T10 wand killed Colonel in 2 Tick with affliction.


We’re having a frustrating time with friendly fire due to party size limits. It’s really hindering the possibilities and enjoyment of PvP.


Lakewood Inn’s lighting broke


It’s really hard to say, but I don’t believe I was near any zone transition.


we moved lakewood inn to its own instance to allow for bigger gatherings, the lighting should be fixed in next patch


Awesome! Thank you :smiley:


Larger party sizes will be coming as we approach the Raid content.

Also, in general on PvP I do think that the direction we are going toward is intelligent counter-play, so I think something like an ability which allows you to “lock down” an enemyr and prevent them from using a similar ability to the one they just did if you can land it within 1 second of the original ability being used or something like that, might be interesting.


Muskets have decent poison dmg as well. I think you are having the same problem as you did with the warrior pre 2 shields. It’s going to be tough to balance them. If you lowered their armor to a squishy and leave their healing the same, I think that would solve the problem. I feel like most games have the healer be squishy. Is there a reason why muskets are so tanky?


I think honestly it’s a gearing scaling thing. The difference between Mage --> Ranger & Musk ---------> Warrior used to be not that much, but as the gear has scaled up it’s become quite large, which wasn’t something I had specifically planned on. So it may be that we do need to separate it out to more like Mage -> Musk -> Ranger -------> Warrior or something. One possible avenue to consider for sure.

I’m honestly just going to leave it as-is for a bit and let people really play with the new stuff and develop strategies around it, sometimes it takes a while for that to set in and take hold. I would also not be a huge fan of adjusting something like that which could also affect PvE content right before the raids. But we’ll see what happens long-term for sure. That’s definitely a tool in the toolbox that could be considered.


you mean when you accidently killed kamina while u fought me 12 versus 1? That must have been so much fun though. :smiley:


Seems like there is a bug with people dying as a bandit and their bandit timer won’t end when the time is up. So we can’t res friends who died when we wait for the bandit timer.


Yup, all the loot chests are belong to us.


nah i was turning my mic back on to tell u we warned u and heard u say i dont care if they kill me, but hit return to graveyard instead


Sorry I’m not totally understanding. Their bandit timer isn’t running out when they are a Ghost, so you can’t resurrect them? But if they release and go to Jail it is clearing properly? Are they logging out or getting disconnected at all during the wait?