Patch 5.7 (Sprint Six) Patch Notes


Oh and here i though you accidently walked into an arrow of them xD
No I was aware of you warning me. But i didnt have any tradables on me so I was ok with that.


What you said. No disconnect and spawned back at prison.

But the timer stop at 0 and the Bandit status never goes away.


Ok so I just wandered around Highsteppe and I love all the new things. You really did a great job there. Especially the new bridge behind tinnys cave that you now are able to actually WALK over. Awesome!
And I absolutley love that place in Highsteppe with the tree and the benches around, next to the dye shop.
But didn’t you say you wanted to patch in more sounds? Or did I miss something? I mean I’ve heard the sound of that THING in the ice in the waystation or whatever it was called. That sounded great. But are there other new sounds right now?
On the other hand I’m highly dissapointed with that new zone. It’s like you rush through it for those short questlines and dont have any reasons to ever come back to that zone because of no gatherables/other stuff. I hope this will change with later patches?


Well, you don’t clear your Bandit status until you go to Jail, that’s intended. Otherwise people would just wait out their timer and then resurrect back at the Graveyard in the Wilds.

But you should be able to cast Resurrection on anyone in your party, even if they are a bandit. Are they in your party?


This has never worked. You can’t revive a fellow bandit in your party.


You should be able to if you yourself are a bandit…


We tried and couldn’t (pre-patch) and thought it wa intended you weren’t suppose to be able to. Did you change it this patch? If so I will have to try it again.


We will do some test next time it happens. I am recording right now too so i’ll check what we tried before.


I mean I’m just basing it off of the code I’m looking at, haha. It’s possible I’m missing something.

But yeah at least the way I’m reading this, if you are in a party with a Bandit, and you are both Bandits, you should be able to resurrect them with the ritual. Maybe it’s just never worked though and I wasn’t aware.


Got it, I will try it again and report back.


There are a lot of new sounds, but something is broken with our FMOD Integration which is keeping them from playing, we are trying to fix it so you can hear them haha.

You will be going back there for the raids for sure. We may eventually add additional content there like gatherables but for now it’s quest-only. Sorry, we only have so much time in the day to add new stuff :frowning:


Thank you for all the new content and experience points <3


I’m happy to hear that there is more :smile:

Don’t misunderstand me. The patch is just awesome thanks to new highsteppe alone. I wandered through all the rebuild stuff with my mouth standing open constantly :smile:
It would just be sad for the work you put into that new zone if there wouldn’t be more reasons to go there.
Plus I’m superhyped for the raid!


So no chest spawn.

Did any get it?

Also good fun we had in the Wilds!


Having trouble turning in the Returning Home quest on Mikka. I saw at least two others having trouble getting the Returning Home quest.


Yeah we’re aware of that issue and should have it fixed tomorrow, sorry about that.

Chest has not spawned yet for the first time, but I have a feeling it will before the day is done.


I agree with Twidge on the Musketeer situation.

If you nerf them to the point of not being able to outheal incoming dps from pvp, then it effect pve as well.

Furthermore, you have to have a pretty full loadout of heals to do this, so I mean, it’s not like they are even fighting back at that point. If you nerf it then they are truely unable to defend themselves in pvp if they have less ability to heal when having a full load of heals, if you half that and they are a mix then they are shit. They will have mediocre heals and mediocre dps leaving them vulnerable and weak. Either add an interrupt or leave them alone. I’d prefer not to walk into another mmo that balances pve around pvp and completely destroys healing classes because they wont die (yet also can’t heal other ppl or dps back during this period)

If the musketeer is able to not only heal themselves, stay alive, and kill their opponents of greater skill/gear/level, then there is a problem. I just tend to find in most games if a DPS is unable to stomp a healer, they cry about it even though the healer isn’t even able to dps them back in most cases.

I know I’m new to the game, but I’ve seen this enough times in other MMOs


ok, just tested this. It is bugged. When another bandit in my group rezzed me, everyone saw me come back to life. My screen still said return to graveyard. When I forced crash and came back I was alive. So something is going on there.


I tested as well earlier today and it worked fine, so it’s an intermittent one


A few things with the 30 second logout in the wilds. You shouldn’t be able to do any action during the 30 seconds or else it should cancel it. If I saw someone I could hit the logout and have someone chase me and I would be logged out in 30 seconds. There was a warrior doing logout hopping. He would log into the wild, hit the logout button, block for 30 seconds, then logout. And repeat the process, b/c when you log in you start at full health. It was pretty funny actually.

Second thing, there doesn’t seem to be a way to cancel a logout in the wilds. Please put in an option to cancel it.