Patch 6.20 (Server and Client-Side)


We’ve got a new server-side and client-side patch going out the door today. In particular:

  • The difficulty of Boss 4 and Boss 5 in the Normal Mode Raid has been reduced, to make it easier on everyone to complete those fights.
  • The Tank Keeper Boss no longer has a chance to critically strike when performing its leap attack.
  • On the client, fixed a bug which could sometimes cause a significant issue with the voice chat system, leading to lots of error messages being generated and significant framerate issues.
  • On the client, attempted another fix for desync issues where you appear “frozen” to other players in game and can’t attack properly.




Server-side restart is completed, the client-side patch will be out in an hour or two. Thanks!


Client-side patch is now available on both Steam and Oculus. Thanks!


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