Patch 6.80: Mounts, Cosmetic Shop, and more!


I haven’t had chance to do shards since the change cause it came out late my time last night and it was as we were starting our raid, so I’m not going to comment about the potions as drops or the effect on the economy.

But I will say it’s disappointing to have the new recipes just handed to you, when the 5x crit/luck/con healing recipes came out I spent a whole day at the weekend drinking ithecac and searching the while game, even in stupid places that I though would have never got checked or used as a hiding place, just in case cause I was hoping there would be 5x int/str/vit, I got stuck in the void a few times that weekend which was entertaining, when necropolar came out I then checked that place too and nothing, it was hard work and took a lot of time, but it was fun hunting around. Even if you didn’t have time to add them in via quest, which is fair, you could have made them like the other missing journal pages so we could go hunt them down, the people that don’t want to hunt them can then find them once we share the location after it’s found like they probably did with the rest of the pages and it would still feel rewarding to those that like to put some effort in

That being said, due to the raid last night I haven’t even looked at the recipes yet but I appreciate that you added them for the players that will still want to make potions, so thank you for that


Just so you know, tiles do not count towards the potion number. Only successful completed potions count and count one at a time, so if you make a x5 it only counts it as 1. So with the x5 I’m sure there is more than what you are seeing on the armory.

Most games have some kind of progression for the crafting/trade skills, so this should not be foreign concept to anyone. It also makes sense as you make more potions you get better at it. Making 100 potions of one type takes about 90-120 min depending on which potion it is. What takes time is finding the rare fish and gathering other ingredients.


We just released patch 6.83 client-side which has some bugfixes around mount summoning getting stuck and not working properly. Thanks!


That’s what I am saying, I don’t feel like grinding fish or materials in the wild cause it’s not worth it anymore for me.

yeah sure, merchant will find a way to still make some money but the runners that were selling them resources, won’t be willing to spend as much time as they did for 1/4 of the gain. I mean I’m just gonna go do shards and I’m gonna make more money then gathering.

So Johann who will still sell you resources for a shitty price, you seems to get the idea of how much time farmer and fisherman are spending in this game.

This killed the fisherman and the gatherer, well I ain’t doing those thing anymore I mean even for fun I’ll just waste my time so, yeah if you think everything is pink with that update and you’re a merchant, then goodluck buying materials.


Yes and no. I am both for my guild, fisherman on call more often than just fishing to fish, however, I find it fun to gather and explore the world now as a level 20. Fishing is different, and I see it as a challenge to keep the guild chest full of regular fish (rare fish are mostly covered by another member heh😉)

But nonetheless, there is much less of a need for fishing and gathering after this update, which I think is fine. Give the potion masters, harvesters, and fishers a slight break, let them relax and not get burnt out as I know many are reaching that point.


New pages have the same typos I reported via pm 2 months ago. Made a new thread for it:


Just been fishing and it’s now really hard to tell the difference between vibration on reeling in and getting a bite now, any chance you can make it stronger or more noticeable when you get a bite? It’s really hard to watch Netflix while fishing again :sob:


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