Patch 6.80: Mounts, Cosmetic Shop, and more!


What kinda time frame we looking at for today’s shard update?


Update Phase 2

The second phase of this update will be launching in approximately 1 hour. With it you’ll find the following changes:

Shard Dungeon Bonus Rewards

You are now eligible to receive bonus rewards when running shard dungeons daily. The bonus rewards are grouped into three tiers.

Tier 1: Shards Level 1-3, 1 reward
Tier 2: Shards Level 4-6, 2 rewards
Tier 3: Shards level 7-10, 3 rewards

You can receive the rewards from each tier once per day. So for example, if you run a Level 2, Level 5, and Level 7 shard dungeon, you have received all of the bonus rewards you can get for a single day. These rewards reset on the same schedule as the guaranteed rolls for the Shard Dungeons.

You will receive the rewards when you complete the entire shard dungeon, the same time that you receive your reward chest with gear or dram. The bonus rewards are selected from a random pool of potions, including aged potions.

In addition to this, the dram you receive for completing a shard dungeon when you don’t receive a piece of gear has been increased, and now scales based on the level of the shard dungeon you completed. So for example if you complete a Level 1 Shard Dungeon you will continue to receive around 100-200 dram, but completing a Level 10 Shard Dungeon will now pay up to 2,000 dram.

New Potion Recipes

We’ve also rolled out several new 5x and 10x potion recipes which can aid you when crafting Intellect, Empowered Strikes, Strength, Luck, and Vitality potions. You’ll find these new recipes sitting in an old book in your player house (check the basement!)

Note that these recipes require some new ingredients, and are somewhat complicated to make. It’s sort of a trade-off if you want to make more potions at once with rarer ingredients and more complicated steps, or stick to the base one-at-a-time method. The choice is yours!

Our goal with these changes is to hopefully increase the availability of potions that are used often for higher-level content, to help give more casual players the ability to participate without needing quite as much grinding as before, as well as to encourage folks to run Shard Dungeons even if they already have a complete gear set.


  • When utilizing the Pet Bonus Treat, your pet will now always select a bonus different than the one they currently have (if applicable).

This patch will go live in about 30 minutes. Thanks!


Will there be any balances to the trickster chest and wilds forming in general, as using shard dungeons to farm potions could replace both of those things?


We have plans to work on both of those things, yes. I’m not sure this is going to replace Wilds farming in general, but we’ll see what happens. As I said, at this point we want to “take the lid off” these specific potion types and make them much more prevalent and available in general. There are still lots of other potions you can get by farming the Wilds that are not available via Shard Dungeons.


The new client-side patches are now available to download for both Steam and Oculus. Thanks!


Ok, and on a completely separate look with the release of mounts the gatherer dragon pet has gotten a lot worse, as you can run over a node and be out of tender distance before your dragon ever gets there, possibly also buff dragon speed when on a mount?


The random drops are a really nice idea. Even if those who got no trouble getting potions - since they are already playing T7-10, mostly with the help of these - get even more now, this will hopefully make prices drop in the market, also it encourages people to trade what they got amongst party/guild members.


The patch is now live. Thanks!


Hate to nitpick but it seems like the potions recipes could have been at the end of some sort of questline or hidden in a more interesting way


You wanna make me work for it? Ya big meanie :wink:


I think it would have been cool if they unlocked after making 100 of that type of potion.


I agree, but we have limited resources to spend on putting things into the game, and we decided it was better to get it up and running than to delay it 4 weeks so we had some time in the schedule to put in a new quest to accompany it. Perils of software development, I’m afraid.


What are merchants going to sell now? This seems like it is going to kill the stalls and economy.


Certainly we will be keeping an eye on this and how it affects the overall economy in general. But based on our observations and the general feedback we were receiving, the rarity of these potions was too high for their intended use in the game.

Of course there are still dragons, the 24 other potions that aren’t available via this bonus loot, dyes, ingredients, artificing tiles, and other things merchants can choose to sell. Not to mention, I think having more dram in the economy should be a boon for merchants in general.

And of course that’s assuming that everyone will get every potion they want/need to use in shards/raids just from the drops and that they’ll run these every day. Certainly some people will, but a lot will still be in the market for them I’m sure.

So, yeah, we’ll certainly keep an eye on it, but I think there will still be plenty of trading and buying going on.



I would like to point out the fact that even if some people will still buy potions, the potion that people really needed and was worth paying for are those that are now dropping in shard, they can also be aged!

I mean I’m not one of those who farmed hours and hours for potions to make money, but for those who did this was an opportunity to actually have a different gameplay then just doing shard and dungeon, isn’t this the fun part of Orbus end-game, you could play your game the way you want? There were people playing hours and hours in your game just to make some dram and have some social thing going on, if you wanted you could be a merchant. Personally, I really like fishing, I’ve spent over 16 hours just fishing (I know it’s not that much, compare to some) and I was happy with it because I could actually get something out of it, now even if people want to make some potions they won’t buy fish, they will go take 30 mins at fishing and they’ll be good for like 10 days. The 10x potions is something that make all farming for materials pretty much useless too, we could say it take 1/4 of the materials compare to what you needed before for boosting pots.

What I am trying to say is that you cut many and many hours of end-game gameplay, for those who were interested in doing this and those who did already spent so many hours in those kind of different “class”.

I’m not trying to tell you how it should be I’m just saying it’s sad for all those people who got into your game because of this different “branch” of gameplay, because it is not needed anymore.

But you did make the game easier for anybody who want to run shard and raid, got to give you that.

This is my personal opinion on the last patch, just wanted to give you guys my point of view.

Also sorry for my grammar, English is not my first language.



I disagree, I’m one of those people that have farmed and made a lot of potions and sold them. People will still buy potions, this will only bring the potion price down. Before they made this change, if there would’ve been 5 other guilds like EK pushing end-game content, there wouldn’t have been enough resources for everyone to have potions. As more end-game guilds pop up and raid a few times a week, the demand will always be there as long as you have guilds pushing end-game content. Hopefully the devs made expert a challenge where potions will be a must.


Putting potions inside of shard chest really made shards relevant again for me, and it makes the potion investment to do higher level shards worth it. really love this update, thank you devs.


Thanks for including potions in shards. I think this was a good thing. It made a lot of end gamers want to do shards again. And we can group up with others, help gear them up and for folks who are geared up, we can get potions for our raids. This helps the casual guilds play more, do shards, do raids and do the harder content. Thanks!


Yes? According to armory there are 66 players who made more than 100 potions alltogether, in the entire game, during their entire playing time; not of ONE type, but of everything, tiles, fishing potions and so on. And what on earth would normal players even do with 100 freakin potions of one type and no market stall?! I understand around 10-20 players seem to spend their life inside the game, luckily not all of these are unaware of the rest of the community, but, seriously… guilds are loosing players right and left, there’s an average of 40 online during my playing time, these are the facts and too easy content is surely not the reason for that. So, how should end-game guilds ‘pop up’ by making things even harder to achieve than they already are. Drops are a great idea and a step in the right direction, we will see if they can boost progress, specially raid-wise, but currently there is trouble, at least for EU players, to group up with 10 at all, once a week, that is the hard facts…


I haven’t had a chance to run shards since the update to checkout the drops but I’m loving the concept of it. I personally love shards, and it’s been harder to find groups wanting to run them since raids came out. I’m ecstatic that this update will bring more incentive for players to do them.

As an avid gatherer,Fisher, and shop keeper I’m also ecstatic about the new recipes and the prospects they may bring to the game economy and progression of end game content. My only qualms about them is the easy accessibility of it. I would have enjoyed having more quests or some challenging way of acquiring them. I guess I’m a player in the category of “enjoying the grind” and it feels less rewarding to just have the recipes handed to me in the basement. And it almost invalidates all the hard work that was done to initially get the 5x recipes from fishing quests.

Overall, loving the update and the new recipes! And my nimbus mount :heart_eyes: great job devs