Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids


Okay, well that’s the only thing I can think of that would be causing it if it’s new this patch, so let’s see if that helps.


Okay, let me know if that helped!


I just made a change as well I noticed so that damage from Deep Chill does not generate aggro on the player…it shouldn’t have already but maybe the can’t resurrect bug is related to that on this specific fight (and again since no one was really dying on it much anymore, it didn’t get noticed.)

You will have to clear the dungeon so it resets and trash comes back if you want to pull in that fix, up to you!


Still getting stuck in combat each wipe. I’d say we haven’t wiped on Boss 1 on hard in a while, but 3 and 5 still have a high ratio of wipes per victory and we haven’t had the whole-raid-team-dead-but-can’t-reawaken thing happen in several weeks.

We’re also seeing a couple other issues on Boss which directly mirror issues we’ve seen in the past that got fixed in other versions of the raid, particularly with the AE. We have people dying if they are standing a few feet outside the AE (fairly common issue throughout the game but extra rough here), we have people dying if they got out of the AE but towards the end of the telegraph (fairly common issue throughout the game but extra rough here), but most critically, we’re seeing the issue where you could be far outside the AE the entire itme, and still get killed. I provided a video last time and can do so again if it’s helpful, but it really feels like the exact same issue as before, along the lines of everyone in multiple raids being in the same instance, the group can’t rez, etc.


The everyone being in the same instance thing was just a one-line thing I forgot to do to tell it “hey this isn’t a world-group zone.”

I haven’t made any changes at all to the way AoEs work since the last time we did that several weeks ago. Definitely did not change any of that here.

If you provide me with a video I’ll take a look. However keep in mind there are new mechanics at play which will be killing people, so I just want to make sure your 100% sure it’s the actual AoE killing them.

If you haven’t already try clearing the raid to see if that fixes the stuck in combat stuff, but again my guess there is that it’s just always been an issue on this fight and most people just weren’t wiping on it.

You could always go try Boss 2 and see if you have similar issues or not and then I suppose we’ll know for sure.


It is a healer or multiple every time that gets stuck


Exact same thing with us, a lot worse than before this update


Are you also doing Boss 1?


Yes, also just got the stuck in combat multiple times now


We fully reset the instance and still getting stuck in combat, we all just used stuck in combat and it got us out but that can only be used once every 10min so might not be the best option here…


Okay, I would be really interested if someone wanted to try Boss 2 just so I can get a sense of if the stuck in combat stuff is happening there too. If it’s Boss specific then that will change what I try to fix.

I really can’t think of anything that would have changed that would have affected this, so my current theory as I said is it’s just always been on this fight due to the way the fight works and we just didn’t really know for a long time because it was a fight people did easily.


Try letting the boss kill the healers instead of having them graveyard - that seems to have worked for us a few times


Oh so normally you do Return to Graveyard when it’s going to be a wipe instead of waiting til everyone dies from the boss? Okay well that’s good to know that’s not how I’ve been testing it haha…


Yes that is how everyone wipes in any group raid or shard since the beginning of time -_-

I would recommend tagging along with a group at-least once. Maybe as spectater?


This is why I think you should come try a raid for real, this is something everyone does all the time, for shards, raids, everything, to speed things up


Okay, well the Return to Graveyard button is meant more as a “I’m stuck and I need to get out of this place” feature, it’s not really intended to substitute for a “I just want to die quickly and reset” button. So yeah, my recommendation would be not to do that.


I think it became a requirement when shards hit because of time constraints. I know we used it before that, but that was when everyone was pressured to use it


Boss 1 is finally down. The bloodcurdling screams of the first boss 2 attempt were both amazing and terrifying. Very unexpected


It is more about the fact that missing such a trivial thing for the community means you can probably learn from what everybody is doing by participating in one fight.

About the return to graveyard when the group wipes: I understand that it was created for only being really stuck. But to be honest it has become a very useful feature for situations where the only thing you can do is wait until you die. And a boss can kill everyone very slow sometimes which would make the game worse, more boring and frustrating. So I would disagree that this should not be done when the group is 100% about to die.

(I understand that this might be a bug because this situation has been tested. Did not mean to say everybody should keep doing it now even thou it might be part of the bug)


I mean, I’m sitting here watching the logs scroll by getting a bird’s-eye view of 2 different groups taking on the bosses. I have, for the most part, a very good idea of how people are playing the game. There are always blind spots, though. At the same time, if you think I haven’t participated in at least “one fight” then you are incorrect. I had not picked up on that tidbit though, apparently.