Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids


Okay, I think I have pushed out a fix for the stuck in combat while everyone is dead when using Return to Graveyard bug. Again, you would need to reset your instance to get it. But it should help in Shard Dungeons as well.


we killed boss 2 and i got a disconnect right at 5% rest health… so i got no chest, i’m really disappointed again…:unamused:


You guys managed to kill all the adds each wave and DPS the boss down?

FYI Riley, boss 3 may have some damage balance issues with the jump. We’re seeing multiple unbendings each jump, even when all 10 raid members are present, renewed, shielded, vitalitied, etc.


Yeah so there is actually another piece to that which can help mitigate the damage that I’m not sure people realize/have figured out yet. I will let everyone know what it is if no one figures it out at the next reset.


Continuing the discussion from It is time to address the elephant(s) in the room:

Have you confirm the mechanic even works?
We’ve been trying basically everything.


I’m sitting here watching the logs of your fight, where it shows me what’s going on, and yes it’s working. The damage is being mitigated properly. And sometimes people are even getting extra mitigation but as I said I don’t think anyone realizes why.

Also please ask Crazie to check their PMs.


We’re taking a break, I will leave her a message on discord though


So yeah just as a heads up for everyone, I have been watching the fight logs and for Boss 3, it seems to be working, Boss 4 seems to be working, Boss 5 seems to be working, from what I have seen, in terms of the new mechanical twists activating properly in Expert mode.

In terms of the overall difficulty tuning, I mean there’s no doubt it’s very, very difficult. We may end up making some tweaks to that long-term as we did when the raids first came out, but after how Hard mode went I figured it was better to err on the side of difficult than not. As with previous Raid releases, we will not be making any major tuning changes until the first reset on Tuesday to keep things fair.

I think the other thing to consider is that this is basically the end of the road in terms of this “tier” of content. So ideally you would want everyone in 21.2 gear to do the first couple of fights, with partial 21.4 loadouts for the later bosses, etc. So I don’t want to jump the gun too much right of the bat and assume it’s too hard when it might just be, like the original Shard Dungeons, that it’s going to take practice on the new mechanics and additional gearing up to overcome the challenge.


Just a quick question…I understand you like to watch the logs, but what about physically being in the raid? Making your character invisible and flying up to a corner to watch everything play out.


There has been a bug reported that on Boss 5, if the tank is sent to the demon area, the boss will sometimes reset, which is unintended (provided that there are other nearby eligible targets).

I have pushed a potential fix for this, you will have to reset your instance to get it if you are already in the zone. Thanks!


Could you add a check into the game for those that DC/Crash/Desync so it checks who is there at the start of the fight and if they are online again when the boss dies? If they die and we don’t have a res for them then they can’t get a hit on the boss and then do not get a loot chest, it’s happened multiple times now

Acavi didn’t get a chest on Expert boss 2 because of this and we have had it happen to Function on Hardmode Boss 5 as well as a few others on the Alphabet/Rebel Thursday run, We had 3 people not get loot from boss 5 because of this a few weeks back and for some of them it was their 1st kill on it which makes it even worse


Oh I see so you’re saying they are actually online when the boss dies, but they are dead and can’t resurrect and come back and hit the boss to get loot because they crashed during the fight? Okay, yeah, I will look into that.

I’ll also PM Acavi and see if we can keep working on their issues with crashing, I’m not sure why they are still crashing when at least that problem seems to be mostly fixed now.


Okay, I’ve added a potential fix for that specific scenario I think. Note that you still have to be online the moment the boss dies (and I don’t think there’s every any getting around that, since otherwise we don’t know who you are/class/etc. to know what gear to roll for you). But even if you didn’t hit the boss again because you are dead, you should still get added to the aggro table automatically to get loot.

Note that this only applies to dungeon (including Raid) bosses. Overworld and trash mobs will still follow the same rules as before.

As usual, if you want the fix immediately, reset your instance, otherwise it will roll out in the next dungeon run you start.

Can I also get some feedback on if the fix for Boss 5 not resetting is working if folks have tried that fight again since the fix?


Since everyone seems to be having a lot of difficulty with the mechanic on Boss 3, I’ve made a small change that makes the mechanic “worth more” which should hopefully make it a little more obvious. Thanks!

Also, just to be clear, if you do the mechanic correctly everyone in the whole group will take less damage, it’s not a situation where one person will be saved or take less damage in particular.


So I am confused on the above statement.

Before you said the damage will vary widely and even per person and now you are saying everyone will always take less damage equally because 1 person shouldn’t just die.

I’m guessing you mean every person has do the “mechanic” or they die because:

We’ve had everyone live.
We’ve had just mages die.
We’ve had mages who are undergeared live and the geared one die.

Or do you mean that it’s a group effort and if we don’t mitigate enough damage then Rangers/Musketeers survive will like 10-30% HP and Mages Die because they have less armour/health?


It’s a group effort where the damage taken is the same among the whole group, but then like any damage it will be mitigated by your individual buffs, armor, etc.

The damage varies per person meaning the number of people affected by the jump affects the damage. Not that each person takes different damage.


As I said to you already, there are a number of potential reasons why this might have happened that have nothing to do with the mechanic, and I would not get very hung up on that one instance.


So in our testing, we are always stacked so that the damage is spread on the person who get’s jumped.
We always have the same defensive buffs since we are stacked.

This mean that the mechanic has a range of mitigation?
Like we can mitigate 10% damage or even 50% damage and whenever we mitigate like 30% damage, the Rangers/Musketeers live* and the Mages die because of their classes HP/armour?


Yes there is a range of mitigation. It is dependent on a single factor though. But consider what else you might be able to sacrifice to spread the damage.

I think that’s a pretty good hint and as I said I will just tell everyone Tuesday what it is.


We’ll test again some more today with that hint but we’ve already tried 10 people stacked.


Also I’m not sure how I feel about the mechanic being this vague. Do you expect groups to test like 50 different things in order to figure it out? I understand the mystery you want but like there is no visual cue anywhere for that fight and honestly I think it’s bad design personally.

Like why do mages only die? This makes it seem like you can’t bring mages to the fight. Why not just make it do a percentage of health damage to everyone? What’s the benefit of having only mages die because either way it’s a wipe. Sure you can say “Well you didn’t mitigate enough damage”, but then why not just make it a you die or don’t die mechanic at that point?

Edit: I guess it becomes the gear check you wanted, but it’s only a gear check for the mages.