Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids


We seem to be desyncing a lot again now @Riley_D


I’m fairly certain them not aggroing, or not spawning right away (which also happens) are both considered bugs.


I haven’t made any changes to anything. So not sure what would be causing it.


Boss 3 expert mode down: 17 minutes and 25 seconds


Congrats! :slight_smile:


noice and gratz, how was lag build up compared to hard? with a time like that it still shoulve been pretty managable


Thanks! lag build up wasn’t too horrible, was happening around 30% ish for me others also mentioned it too but no idea how bad it was for them


Well done! Now to decipher some more mechanics


Just to throw credit out there, There was 7 Alphabet members and 3 Nova members in the group

Landru, Rickness, AdultHuman, Crazie, SirAndrew, Justin, J

Axile, Asterisk, Infraggable


The biggest issue was the lag in boss position. Just like the stags after they jump. After the jump everyone saw the boss in the wrong place. It got worse as the fight went on.


So just a heads up, there is a current bug where you can pull Boss 2 out of its room with enough persistence, then do the fight without aggroing any of the adds.

As we’ve said before, pulling the boss out of the room and/or not keeping aggro on intended adds like that is considered an exploit. Please do me a favor and don’t take advantage of it, otherwise I just have to go back and take back the loot and tokens your group earned, which just ends up being a waste of everyone’s time.

I will obviously be putting out a fix for this on Tuesday, but in the mean time just save us all the trouble if you can :slight_smile:

Edit: I added a quick patch where bosses will always go all the way back to their original start point when retreating. You may actually see them “jump” a little at the end right now. I don’t think it should cause any issues but let me know if it does. Hopefully should prevent this in the future for now.



Our scatter arrow has a use finally!


Since we figured out the mechanic for Raid Boss 3, are you still going to tell everyone on Tuesday?
We spent probably 5hrs + trying to figure it out and feel that it’s pretty easy to figure it out with your hint.

Your choice in the end. :slight_smile:


HACKS how u hit the close over head one :thinking:


That’s the big bell that rings on its own


…or is it O_o o_O


Even knowing the machanic, I would rather Riley tell everyone. I don’t want it to be a screw you, I got mine, situation.


I don’t really see it as that, I think it’s more of a situation where y’all proved people can discover it. I think it’s fine if people tell each other like normal, but personally I wouldn’t want it spoiled as someone that doesn’t know the mechanic.


I talked about that when Hard came out. Always had problems with that fight as a ranger and seeing every other class do it much much easily made me sad. I was always trying to find someone else to do boss 5 cause I felt like I was a dead weight for my party. I know no one in EK would have complain, but if I could make it easier and faster for everyone else by giving my place, I did it…

So yeah, anything that could help the rangers in that fight would be a big BIG relief for me.


To make it clear (as I have heard rumors), this is NOT the strategy that Alphabet deployed to kill boss 2 :slight_smile:.