Patch 6.85: Expert Mode Raids


A new balance patch was just released for the Expert Mode raids. In particular:

  • On Boss 2, there is now slightly more time between waves of enemies.
  • On Boss 4, the time you have to hit the bells was increased slightly.
  • On Boss 5, the difficulty of the hell minions was slightly reduced.

As far as the mechanic on Boss 3, I am going to go ahead and give another hint as to what it is (spoiler tagged) – this is a pretty big hint so I think it should basically give it away. I’m also willing to answer questions about whether or not it is or isn’t something via PM if you just want to confirm.

The mechanic is specific to a single Battle Discipline. As a reminder, the previous hint was, consider what else you can sacrifice to spread out the damage.

Thanks and enjoy!


Thanks! Can’t wait to try them again now!

I’ll also be giving an in-game interview to answer questions from the community Thursday night, more details on that to follow.

We are excited for this but have a raid on Thursdays so was talking about changing the time or just cancelling it this week, what time do you think it will be so we can alter plans accordingly?


Was the difficulty for the hell demons reduced, or made more even between classes?
I know I sound like a broken record, but rangers lose there orbs, and cool downs during the fight while mages start and end with full dps


For boss 4, is there any way the bells could be 1/2 as high? That is a long fight and I noticed my neck was getting sore from working on the boss the past couple days and having to look up at such an extreme angle.


You need a bell mage couch :wink:


Would make it a lot nicer for everyone!


It looks like twice tonight AVS got 1 shot from 100% to 0 from a basic attack on boss 4. Would it be possible to look at the logs and see if there is a possible bug or it’s just possible he doesn’t make the gear check. He is in full T10. He lives through crit on basic, so were inclined to think that isn’t what is happening. Also not when either aoe was happening.


also on boss 5 as a ranger in 3 pieces T12(only missing helm) i was 2 shotted by the demon


Boss 4 is way to easy to reset and needs a bigger combat zone. He can be reset 15 feet from the wall on the side you come in at.


Boss 1 randomly targets the tank with the AoE instead of the fire, it happened once friday and twice tonight.

Also since expert release (or maybe a little earlier, can’t remember) my arrow sometimes get stuck on the bow when i release the trigger and have to press it again to shoot it, it only happened like 5 times so far and i think all of them were charged shots.


Interested to know if others have had this problem on boss 3:



If the fight goes on for too long the server freaks out between phases and the boss runs on the spot and skips an aoe phase. We all got wrecked at 5% in this particular kill but it has happened 2-3 times before.


even after the change?


This bug has been around since normal mode, when it happens we just pretend he’s not bugged and keep going like if nothing happened since he will continue his normal rotation.


as you can see in the video, he skips a phase and does a downstairs AoE.


He did the aoe upstairs before the bug and the one downstairs after the bug, it looks normal to me.


where do you see an upstairs aoe?


You can see it at 9 and 10 seconds


EDIT: Nevermind I can see it on the recording… very subtle. Ill look for that next time it happens thanks :).


Is it possible it’s a tank buster attack? I think someone mentioned on that boss that sometimes they saw a tank buster take place where the “walking” animation was currently active.


Also in general how do people feel about me just reducing the boss HP on Hard/Expert mode by like 30-40% or something like that on Boss 3-5? Basically The idea being it should still require you to do the fight and execute it properly, but it might help with some of these FPS bugs and whatnot by just making the fight last more like 10 minutes instead of 20?

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