Patch 6.98 (Client/Server)

We’ve got a new patch going out here in about 20 minutes on the client and server. This patch will introduce some new enemy locations for the Defend the Realm event tomorrow. These are level-scaled enemies out in the overworld.

In addition to this, the shard mutations have been rotated.


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what are the majors?

Last Stand and Unstable.

Rip now reagent farming is dead hah.

Lol how did you get to that conclusion?

Now all monsters are scaled. I mean by dead that its not as easy as it used to be in the overworld. With overworld monsters scaled the effectiveness of killing things quickly is tanked. Therefore the amount of loot with in a set time frame drops due to killing slower. Meaning less reagents. Or I could have just read the log wrong and only the defend the realm monsters are scaled. Its why I did not like the scaling at first for dungeons as it makes farming harder than it used to be.

Yeah, only the new Defend the Realm enemies are scaled.

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Ah cool my bad then. 20 chars

This is a nice idea, even low levels can participate in those kills, assisted by 20s! I like it :slight_smile: and yet I wonder if it’s intended that we did not get points once the guards hit a mob, even if we hit it first? It was quick enough, but still odd that guards took away almost all the tentaculair since they mostly spawned in between them.
Perhaps move the spawn points a bit away from the guards so people still can run to safety or choose to kill them themselves?


(In case there’s several spots, I am talkin about the Inn)

Yeah there is some old code that basically says if a guard attacks something you no longer get credit for it to prevent people from e.g. training mobs into guards.

We will have to make an exception for those guards since it’s part of the actual mechanic.


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