Patch 7/7/2020- Queue confirm SFX, Tip Popups, Spawner Fixes

Well have a patch going out around 12PM CST today.

  • Added tip pop-ups that are level dependent to try and get more information in game in players hands
  • Added a SFX Sound for when the queue accept prompt appears :small_blue_diamond:
  • Fixed Crypt dungeon spawner
    • Removed the double elites in spawners
  • Attempted fix at Mine dungeon trash mobs going below bridge
  • Re-sized scoundrel rank on gun to try and minimize the view blockage :small_blue_diamond:
  • Adjust hitbox of Necro Casters

Omg YES. We needed this so much thank you!


Client patches are out, server restarting in around 10.

Should be live now.

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Quick heads up, we’re aware of a visual issue where a couple items on Quest (like certain harvesters) don’t display textures properly after the update, we’re investigating the situation and will work on a fix.


There’s a new Quest build available to fix the issue. Sorry about that.

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Could we get a list of the tips that made it into the game?

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Not sure if this patch related , but Trickster Goblins are Spawning in Expiring Shards Again/(Still?)

Like the Popups they have some good info , caused me to que on my alt for a daily dungeon the other day =)

Completely Unrelated

Can we get the Dungeon Biome Shaders as Optional Filters for our house / world ?
(every so often when I port from a dungeon to my house I keep the shaders and I prefer my dark and gloomy house over my bright one.)
Ill take a Belt Item of Darkness that applies Crypt Shadows always to my world.
Or just a furniture Item to make My house always shadowy (tho I want everything to be gloomy)

<3 Cash Shop ? Odds and Ends ? Dont care will buy either way <3


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