Performance ruined + total freezes?

So i missed the last few patches and didnt get to play in them :frowning: but i was able to get into this one! And so far i really like the new things im seeing! But what happened to the performance?

I’m running an i5-4440s, a GTX 1070, and 16GB of DDR3 RAM, and im even getting lag on Low settings with 1.0 supersampling… high is basically unplayable for my main class (runemage), and i get total freezes leading to crashes every 5-10 minutes! Its terrible :frowning:
I really wanted to play this patch, but its just so bad at the moment that i CANT play it… whats going on :cry:

Do a clean install Roll back to nvidia driver v382.05

will give it a shot!

Yeah sorry about that, we are trying to figure out what the heck is causing that freezing but so far not having much luck.

If it’s really happening to you every 5-10 minutes, if you could drop by the Discord that would be great as I’ll be trying some various things today to hopefully figure out what it is.

Sure thing Riley! I just woke up and downgraded my drivers to 382.05, so ill be trying that out in a little bit and ill pop on after if you need any help :smiley:

So unfortunatly i wasnt able to get much play-time in as some life issues came up… but in the about 40-50 minutes that i did get in, i can confirm that 382.05 drivers solves most of the crashing problems, but does practically nothing for performance. Even on low settings, frame rate was subpar, making runemage (my favorite class) almost impossible to play to its full potential. If i was prone to VR sickness, i probably wouldnt have survived walking through the towns.

I also was able to attend the world boss fight for the first time, and that was the first time my computer crashed with the graphics driver downgrade. But performance there was even worse, i was getting maybe 20fps during that if i was lucky. And whenever i died, it would freeze for a few seconds completely. It was really bad.

I dont know about anyone else, but im expecting a much MUCH larger crowd to be attending the open alpha then what was at the world boss fight. With that said, i sincerely hope that some hint to the problems are found and can be resolved by then, I am extremely excited to attend that and show new players the world and teach them how to play their classes, especially runemage.

So best of luck Riley & Friends :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll be here rooting for you guys!

I would think it’s gotta be something with your computer or network given that so many people don’t experience those problems.

I found during the world boss that running medium on the graphics settings helped a lot. Plus the high setting graphics setting makes me feel like I need sunglasses. :sunglasses:

Are you running on Vive or Oculus?

There is definitely still some performance tuning that needs to be done, especially in large groups of players. I think most of the blame is actually on the Runemage spell effects, so if that’s the class you are primarily playing that may be the issue. That said, if you are by yourself outside of Highsteppe (which has performance issues for sure), for example just in the woods by Kingsport Lake, in theory right now you shouldn’t have performance problems such as juddering

So I guess basically what I’m saying is, if your performance/juddering issues were happening mostly in Highsteppe, or at the World Boss, or in Guild City, we are aware of those and working on them. If you were having issues just by yourself in a regular forest away from civilization, let me know because that’s definitely not what we’re seeing on our end right now so there might be something else going on we need to look into.

My system hasnt changed since the last test i took a part in (about 3 ago; It has minimal problems with games, rarely lags in most VR titles, running SuperSampling at 2 for most, and 3-5 for some of the smaller titles like Star Trek Bridge Crew. It also handles games like ARK:Survival Evolved at max settings with 50+FPS. The only games i ever run into problems with are ones like Space Engineers and Ghost Recon: Wildlands, due to having a “meh” processor.

HTC Vive.

As for performance when/where, its a little odd. Most of the performance drops seem to be in places like highsteppe. However, sometimes when im near the lake or over by the windmill, if i look in a certain direction (cant remember which) i start getting frame drops. Not as bad as the ones in town, but definitly noticable where i couldnt fast-cast or multi-cast at enemies and had to take my time slowly drawing the runes so it wouldnt spaz out.

But overall, the majority of the lag issues (and the most problematic) is within the towns themselves, as well as high-population areas. Normally, when i go near the world-boss area, i dont experience lag problems, however when i went there just before and during the fight with everyone gathered around… well, lets just say without things like reprojection, it would have been unplayable at the time :frowning:

I know the mage’s light spell specifically causes bad performance as well.


Now that VRWorks is supported in the main branch of Unity 2017 will OrbusVR use them? I was going to save this question for the ama but I will be very busy at work.

Here are the updates according to Unity:

-Multi-Res Shading is an innovative rendering technique for VR whereby each part of an image is rendered at a resolution that better matches the pixel density of the lens-corrected image.

-Lens Matched Shading uses the new Simultaneous Multi-Projection architecture of NVIDIA Pascal-based GPUs to provide substantial performance improvements in pixel shading.

-Single Pass Stereo uses the new Simultaneous Multi-Projection architecture of NVIDIA Pascal-based GPUs to draw geometry only once, then simultaneously project both right-eye and left-eye views of the geometry.

Here is also a video of a dev implementing them and showing how easy it is.

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Once we make the leap to the 2017 version of Unity we will support it. We’re still on 5.6.2 right now, and I don’t plan on updating before the Open Alpha, but will probably update it before the first Closed Beta.


Thank you for the reply Riley. :slight_smile: