Perk point suggestions

A perk pont tree to enhance pet bonuses. A jumper could reduce teleport time by a further percentage. A gatherer cold have a chance of extra herbs. A plunder may get a chance to get extra items like a luck bonus.


In addition to adding more overlevel perks, maybe make it possible to purchase some items players have a recurring use for, using overlevel points. Like effervescent shards, glimmering shards, legendary fish?
Not sure what else would make sense, I’m sure some of you have other good suggestions.

Main point tho is that you’d never run out of something to spend points on, even if you max out all the perks.


I am not sure getting items like effervescent shards is a good idea as it probably would affect the Orbus economy.

If that was a thing maybe infuse a pet with an effervescent shard to give it two random bonuses so several tries maybe needed to achieve plunderer / gatherer.

On the other hand maybe increase the time for an equipped pet to get sad or depressed.

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