Personal publishing system to communicate with stranger & anyone who not in friend list

What I suggest is the text box
with a limited number of characters
to show what you want to do now, or announce something,
so people can see and join or massage to you by clicking on it
without going to discord like the present

it will help everyone to meet the new face and make new friends easily.
(and maybe a temporary solution for voice missing error)

The easiest way I think is to just add more textbox to the find group system (Can we?)
For now, we can choose or not choose what activity & place and the role you need in that system.

I think it will better if we can type something after it.
(maybe limit at 20 letters)

MisterX : LFM to do Shard dungeon in Lamavora
(Tank/Healer/DPS) 4 of [email protected]

MisterX : LFM in Wasteland
(Tank/Healer) to help find goblin

MisterX : where R U Scott

MisterX : Will U marry me LadyY

And please add a report+mute button right next to this msg box ty :slight_smile:

Seriously I think comments for lfgs are nice, but we need more communication options all over the place, a msg group+guild members would suffice for a start.

A msg nearbys would likely make it a pain goin through hs, it’s just an additional troll option for demo/troll players.

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adding example pic

I 60% agree with Metris about it can be an additional troll option.
But every communicate system can use in a troll way.
It up to a person, not a system. And this system shows the name of the message owner, so U can know who a troll player.
(or capture sm picture as a piece of evidence to report or take sm action)