Pet Speed Overlevel Perk Suggestion

I love the double fish option for the new Overlevelling Perks.

Was out gathering the other day and thought of a perk that would be a really nice complement to the Mount Speed Boost.

Pet Speed Boosts

  • Plunderer: (I have no idea. Help?)

  • Jumper: Quicker Cooldown on Home Teleport Timer

  • Gatherer: Gather Speed Boost

When gathering, a pet needs to (mostly) cacth up with a player before it picks up resources. A pet that could match a player’s speed, would be wonderful.

Right now having to stop and let the pet catch up in order to use its gathering ability, is making travel as slow as it would have been without the mount speed boost when out gathering.

Would it be possible to have this as an Overlevel Perk?


I agree that it would be a good addition to the game to have your dragon follow you faster. Because the dragon always has to catch up. This has been asked before in the beginning on reborn. Maybe it will make ppl use it more if this gets added :slight_smile:


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