Pets in game: should they only plunder items?

We, Orbians,
MMO players,
Human beings,
We all love pets! We all have our favorite Orbus pet here, sometimes we wish they could do other things too. We all love that they can plunder our items, or sometimes gather herbs or helping us jump around faster. Or even just showing off (lol) why not?

One thing I know it was already considered in the past that I still long to see in the future: please allow us to have pets walking around the pets room!

Now I can’t say if that one was already considered or suggested here or anywhere else. The pets have an amazing potential! I’m pretty sure more players thought about that too. Even considering it would mean re-balancing the whole structure on battles, why not considering them to help in combat?

As I just said, it would re-balance the whole structures in battles. For that reason, I vote for 1) the difference not being so high (I thought they could attack for around 5-10% the player power) and 2) a system that allow pets to level up (increasing the % of att). Suggestions:

  • A rare treat? Or
  • A new pets race, like the dragon ones, but on the floor so that non-dragons could use too? Or
  • An item you have a chance of receiving from Dragon Racing? Or
  • A new fish, maybe, for a secret potion? A potion that allows your pet to attack doesn’t sound bad. Or
  • Another perk to buy using Perk Points?

All of that would take tons of new codes, new animations, new maps, re-codes, re-balance and so much more, so it IS kinda far from becoming real.
I would love to see what other players think about pets in game. Anybody has any different ideas for them?


Hmmmm I do like the idea of pets doing more things, but I don’t think battle pets would work. Rupert (the shaman wolf) already has issues for some bosses - because he is treated as a friendly entity, he messes up the crystal lighting on Napur, and has to be in the red circle to open the portal in the Sephotep fight, for example.

Also, like you said, it would mess up the balance of the fights. Not only boss fights like the new Mordoken fight, but also PvP. A complete rebalance would be needed, and I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Battle pets would be very cool tho. While I don’t think they’d fit in the game as it is right now, I would love to see new pet bonuses added in the future! :slight_smile:


It would be simpler too as they already have a bracer mechanic to add bonuses to stats

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I’ve seen a video in a thread, that i sadly cant find of a dragon fighting in the original game.
I’ll update you if i find it

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Thank you for posting the video! Well, it looks really nice to have a dragon breathing fire and all.

So, that ability was removed for a reason as we talked before.

I’ve had a few ideas such as dragons fishing with you like 1 fish per minute and doing critter capture or maybe giving the player a buff while in or out of combat like a speed buff or a very small damage buff maybe a shield every few minutes that blocks some damage

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yeeeeeeeeees. Another non-combat option for dragons!

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I love the idea of dragons helping on fishing! My only concern about that would be the lure. Would the “fishing dragon” consume the equipped lure? How bout if it was 2/30, and we got a fish from both the dragon and the rod?
Critter Capture dragons sound perfect in so many ways. Not one that does all the hard work for you, but maybe one that gets 1 critter each blow of the horn.
Buffing pets sound like much closer to reality for OrbusVR than having them in battles. I think they should come with a price, though. The closest I can think for it is a special treat that you’d rarely get by finishing Dragon Races. It would make that activity in game (which I love so much) feel more attractive and rewarding.

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For the fishing I would think that they won’t use the lure but will catch a random fish

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Maybe just maybe breeding for stats, because that would cause an incentive for dragon breeding and a new economy to pump some of that useless dram into. Think abt it maybe like At a perfect rng dragon +100 damage or something. As someone who has cleared all bosses (raids) besides hmb4 there isnt much to do besides get dps up. Sooo new ways for buffs to our dps would always be great.


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