Pets Mounts and Vanity cosmetics

I see we have a baby dragon. Will you be including other pets in the game to collect? are mounts or some sort of movement speed increase something you want to see in the game? will there be cosmetic options which allow us to keep our best gear for stats? Will we be able to get haircuts beards tattoos or anything of the sort ingame?


that would be useful having something like a horse or eventually the dragons growing to allow for riding so we and get from guild city to wenderwood and back about ten times for the quests

Even if it were, to keep travelling easier for coding, a type of food we feed our small dragon to make him grow, we mount and get teleport options we can then select. Upon arrival our dragon would revert to small size.

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I’m not too fond of teleporting, i still want it to take time and effort, just not walking :slight_smile:

I definitely think mounts would be a great idea. I didnt play the beta but I can imagine going across zones would take some time without movement potions or something.

I do believe there is movement potions

Was in the interview today when mounts were being mentioned. Riley said that riding “above” or seeming to be “in” a mount was something that he was considering the cosmetic of. It made me think, since we don’t have feet, maybe instead of ‘riding’ a mount, the mount could carry us from above, like being gripped in the dragon’s claws instead of being on it’s back. Or perhaps instead of an animal mount there could be mechanical mounts, like a steampunk backpack helicopter(rather than a spacy jetpack). Just ideas, I know mounts won’t be a thing for a while if we get them :wink:


Yeah I was there too :slight_smile: I thought Riley meant that as a limitation he has to work around with mounts. Either you’ll feel like you’re just standing on a red scaley surface that happens to be flying, or you’re legs would be half inside the dragon and may seem unnatural. I do like that helepack idea. jet packs can be a second kind. maybe mounts that are special that let you either travel over water, across lava or ice, or climb up mountains(not sure what that would do for load times since the game loads any time u go down a level in terrain).

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