Pinecones not accepted at realm defender


Hi Orbus Devs,

I am unable to insert the pinecones in the box of the realm defender dialogue. Minor shards worked as usual.



they also cannot be sold for dram, I think thay are some what bugged out, they can be used for armour dyes and make great ruined potions


They are also used for Empowered strikes potions and Masked Scent potions


Would have liked, if this could be fixed withing the timeframe of the weekly. Now I just finished this weekly with shards.


Understandable that it’s not., with Thanksgiving and all


Well I posted that bug on the forums weeks ago… and again beginning of this week, in the thread with the pigs spawning too close to newbs. But it’s easy to finish it with minor shards so it’s not a big deal.

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