Played 3 hours, now it just won't do anything anymore

Heya there,

A few things, I played 3 hours yesterday was all fine some minor issues with the Oculus touch controllers. where I got stuck on teleporting because that other option just refused to work. Like you got stuck in combat ( even after Dieng ) But since today i got stuck on the character loading screen and refuses the move on, after that i just kept throwing errors in my face. Clueless to what to do… Another thing i really hate is that the launcher installed itself on my:C drive somewhere no clue where ( i normally have all my games on one drive )

Hope to get this sorted soon, cheers all!

Do you have the latest patch that just went out? If so please send me a report using the “Report Bugs” in the launcher bottom-left. Then I will hopefully be able to track down the problem.

It’s refusing to download prompting me with an Error, not sure why.

Which error is it giving you?

ERROR: Unable to download correct file after multiple at1tempts. Couldn’t update to v1.86

Weird. Try downloading and using this Launcher, it has a pre-installed version of the latest patch. Let me know fi that helps.

Not working, it’s not letting me Launch the game at all now :frowning:

Hmmmm…that’s weird. Can you send me a screenshot?

And just to be sure, are you just extracting the Zip file onto your Desktop? Or…?

Found the problem for not booting up, it seems that Windows defender blocks it, seems to work fine right now, cheers mate!

Glad you got it figured out!