Player Animation Stuttering on Rift Client: !only Players!

I’ve adjusted all in-game settings and Virtual Desktop/Rift settings I can find and I can render all of the game splendidly minus player animations: they stutter at a very predictable 1.5s or so constantly.

I am playing on a PC (Ryzen 7, RTX 2070, 16gb Ram, LAN to router and Virtual Desktop via 5gz wifi 6) via the Rift client on my Quest 2. The stuttering does not occur when I launch the Quest standalone app, but it IS occurring in the Rift app when launched on the PC without VD connected, so I assume it is a PC issue?

I will clarify that ALL other aspects of the game run smooth as butter, on any setting. In the video velow if you watch the Runemage at the beginning, the Paladin in the middle, and the warrior at the end it is easier to see, additionally you can see that the enemy animations and my personal animations are unaffected. I have been playing for ~20h with this so far and it has not stopped at any point, nor has their been any other stuttering of any kind.

Video example:

Its not ideal but this should be server side stuff so nothing to do with your computer. The issue is that the server has to send you all other player’s body and individual hand positions while keeping track of all damage done, each individual mage spell, enemies and their pathing etc.

Its a lot for the server to keep track of

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Thank you. I will give it some time and see if it resolves: I had my suspicions it was related to the rollout of the quest 2 and fall festival increasing the player base, but I’m not seeing it when I launch the game on Quest 2 only, just the Rift version.

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