Player/Enemy Clipping Problem


One thing I’ve found rather frustrating as I’ve worked my way through the game is clipping into monster hitboxes as a warrior. This tends to happen when using the dash on an enemy, with it taking a step towards me just as I appear in that spot, or even more commonly when fighting enemies with long hitboxes, as they turn to face me. (Fighting the cthonic leechers was a nightmare, but they have other problems as well in my opinion…)

Not only does this prevent the use of sliding movement until you teleport out of the enemy’s hitbox, it also makes it extremely difficult (in my experience) to get an upward sword swing to register, interfering quite a bit with warrior play. You can teleport out to fix it, but it can be a pretty big distraction, and against elongated enemies odds are good you’ll get stuck again as soon as they turn for their next attack.

The way I see it, the best solution is to automatically move enemies back out of any player hitboxes that they might wander into. This would cleanly solve both the movement and sword swing issues by keeping things at a comfortable distance at all times, and while I can imagine it looking strange for an enemy to pop backwards a foot or two when turning, I think it’s a weirdness people can live with considering the quality-of-life improvement it’ll bring.


they are redoing the enemy hitboxes i believe in reborn. They probably wont change anything until then.


Oh okay cool!! I guess I just missed that detail ;;>w<


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