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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to see what sold and for how much? I guess like a bank statement. I think some of my sold stuff is not registering properly. I sold two dyes at 28000 each and only had 27000 in the pot to download. Is there a way to check?

Part of the difference may be the Auction House fees. A small fee is taken out of the selling price automatically. I don’t know what the fee amount is though. Sorry :upside_down_face:

You get taxed 2% on all sales through the auction house. The buyer also pays 2% over the listed price.

I am aware of the fee. This would be 50% or more because I sold some other stuff as well.

I had them in two different boxes at 28000. They were separate.

Did you list both dyes on the same listing for that price?

They were separate. This is not the first time I have suspected that I did not get what I should have. I shrug it off mostly because it is a game and all this stuff is found items. But some of it is pretty expensive and rare. It would be nice to get the entire amount due and to be able to check it somehow.

I also had another weard thing happen. I listed an amber shard at 40,000, it timed out and I got back a purple shard that was put back in my aution chest. I never listed a purple shard. Not sure how that happens.

Is the auction house buggy?

It shouldn’t be :confused: I’m not sure what to say other than get in touch with Daynab maybe

The system keeps track of all of this I’m sure. It should be a simple matter to see what was listed and if and how much it sold for. I would think it easy to make that available as a report of some kind.

maybe make a suggestion to have such system added

I guess my question is this. Is anyone else having an issue where you suspect you did not get the correct amount?

I would think it would be obvious that a statement of some sort would be needed. Mistakes happen. Maybe I thought I entered the correct amount and left off a zero maybe. I have no way of seeing if that is true.

You get taxed 4% and the buyer is taxed 2%.

As for the missing dram, you did check your output chest for the item, right?

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Did you read my posts?

yes, you have not mentioned the output chest anywhere, just the auction chest.

Are you talking about the chest opposite the auctioneer?

yes, where items you buy and items you put up for auction but didn’t sell go. Just making sure it’s not some simple misunderstanding.

Ok. I have talked about the output chest. Just not in those terms. I have checked in the output chest.

My question is if the Auction house is buggy and I also wanted to know if there is a place to find information on what sold and for how much. The system obviously keeps that information, so I am asking if that information is accessible to players.

I will keep a better record of my listings in the future and address discrepancies if I find them. This is not the first time I have suspected that I have not gotten the correct amount when my items have sold.

I have found the auction house GUI to be a little slow and buggy sometimes…
The chest itself and the payouts have always been accurate tho… and I am the kind of nerd that keeps track…
Maybe check the delivery chest and see if some of the items you had offered were returned to you?


I checked the chest. I will keep an eye on it.