Player house broken

im unable to open any chest in my house. iv tried everything to find a fix nothing works…

Hmmm I just quickly tested and it seemed to work fine for me. Have you left your house and returned? If that doesn’t do it let me know the name of your character and I will take a look. It’s every chest and not just your large Player Chest?

sparky was having issues with this yesterday. not a single chest could be opened while he was on his scoundrel class.

I had the same problem yesterday. I just restarted my client and it was able to be opened again.

I haven’t had this issue but on a related note, you can no longer grab the chest from a distance like you used to be able to

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Had exact same twice also playing scoundrel. Its every chest.

Yeah i had to exit the whole game and restart to fix. I think its somthing to do with the scoundrel. This also happens on dungeon Chest.

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