Player House Customization/ Potential Dram Sink

This is just something I have picked up from other MMO’s player housing has a good deal of customization including decorations, trophies and the like but then others have other things in them. This post is to recommend one of those things to be added to player housing as a way of a potential dram sink or something of the like quests to acquire it.
The thing I want to recommend to be added to player housing is Material Gathering Nodes. This can be a very simple thing such as pre placed things by the dev’s that need to be unlocked through some way and would give 1-3 materials for the gather. The way to keep it from destroying the in game market would be have the materials be on a 12 or 24h spawn timer for in player housing just so it can be used to passively get materials for things like tiles or potions but not be so much that it would crash the player economy.
I would appreciate any and all feedback on this suggestion as I think this could help with some of the material shortages and could be a good way to let people who have a lot of money use it or some other way of obtaining it.

sorry if i’m misunderstanding, but are you suggesting a way to personally “farm” rare items like obsidian from the player house on longer timers, unlocked by paying certain amounts of dram?

to me that seems kind of backwards. while the idea seems like it could be useful in trying to balance the market for things that are in short supply, if unlocking them cost dram, then it would only really benefit those who could afford to buy them from the auction house in the first place. and then instead of paying money for them, theyd just wait, and people who are trying to sell them bc they actually need the dram would have a harder time. thats just my interpretation of what would happen.

maybe if there was a way to unlock it that wasn’t necessarily skill based- like maybe completing certain quest lines or something (like the shard vendor), so that this access could be earned by people who might not be able to afford it dram-wise

That is why in my post, sort of worded off now that I look at it says

I am not saying to lock it all behind dram or anything I am just putting out a suggestion as to what I have seen in other mmo kind of games that helps fairly passively get materials for your guild or yourself.

i think i was more confused about where you said

made it seem like it would cost dram to unlock these, the same way the tabs in the chest are unlocked (is how i pictured it)

Not necessarily but ultimately I am just making the suggestion based on what I have seen in WoW and Guild Wars 2. If it is added it would ultimately be the devs decision on how it would be implemented if it was.