Player House Library Suggestion


I love that we have a library and a buncha books on the shelves. What are the chances we can ever read from them? I think it would be the coolest thing ever if we could read books in there. I would LOVE to see lore details and such from original Orbus (already there, or maybe a way to unlock?) as well as a specific book(s) that detail the lore stuff we have done with NPCs so we can always have a place to go back and see what we have learned about NPCs and the world and such having completed their lore quests.


There will be some lore books there explaining some of the happening of original Orbus (so more of a recap if you played the original game), I had some ideas on dynamically available books that would appear after you did certain lore missions or found them in the overworld but we never had a chance during production to actually get that mechanic in so it’s currently on the list of “wants” but it won’t be in for launch (and possibly ever depending on what direction we go so no promises)