Player Housing, Pets

Hi there Orbus VR team I’ve really been enjoying your game since I got it. I’ve got a few suggestions regarding player housing, and pets. I would like to know how long it will be until you give regular non-donors access to pets in game. I also have the suggestion of adding player housing customization like that one game, Club penguin did. As well as the ability to invite players to your house to show off achievements. By achievements I mean like add the abillity to put plaques on the wall for things you’ve accomplished.


There is a quest you can perform in-game which provides you a little pet.

"Dragon Pets

Of special note, the Dragon pets were a Kickstarter-exclusive reward. And that’s still the case. However, we have listened to the community’s feedback on this and we know that you all want a pet as well. There is now a quest you can complete for Sicilus in the Zoological Gardens which will reward you with a dragon pet (although a different one than the Kickstarter-exclusive ones)."

I wish founders got the little red dragon as well. I miss having him by my side from the testing. :frowning:

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Do we not get that option ?

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